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What I want to see in Sailor Moon Crystal Act 4 - Masquerade

By this point, you’ve probably know that I’m a big Sailor Moon fan. I grew up watching the original anime in the 90’s and now that the reboot is a reality I am very excited to write about it! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for more related Sailor Moon and movie news, and some other stuff as well.

Now, for what I want to see in Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 4, Masquerade.

I am thinking about what I want to see based on the manga. I read it while I was growing up as well, but I’m reading it now episode per episode to compare it with the new adaptation, and it has been following the manga very closely.

If you don’t want to be a victim of spoilers, then this is the moment to walk away.

You had been warned, here is what I want to see!

Naru treating Luna as a cat

Yes, I know that literally, Luna IS a cat. But she is not your average feline. She is smart, can speak and helps the soldiers in their training. Therefore, you can understand why I think this scene from the manga is hilarious. In this act, the girls attend an embassy party and the morning before the event Naru mentions it's all over the newspapers and then pets Luna in the head because the cat is reading about it in the front page of the Juban news. Sweet Naru, if only you knew.

Mr. Tsukino in a tuxedo

Usagi’s dad is never a principal character in the manga, or the anime, or the movies, and probably that will continue to be the case in the new adaptation. However, he is briefly seen in this episode (and he was in the anime adaptation as well). In this brief glimpse of Mr. Tsukino, we get to know what he does for a living, he is a reporter and is covering the evening at the embassy for his magazine. I do look forward to seeing him interact with his teenage daughter, and it will be good to have some character development in Crystal.

Finally, I had listed other three points that I wanted to mention, but since all of them are related to the Usagi-Mamoru relationship, I decided to name this third point: The Usagi-Mamoru relationship development!

Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon

Please, please animators, writers and producers. Follow this part consistently but also add more emotion and feelings to it.

In the comic or manga a lot happens with these two. First, Mamoru is also at the embassy party (how? No one knows), and he picks up a handkerchief with Usagi’s name on it. So he knows she is at the party, and he probably knows she is Sailor Moon.

Then, he dances with Usagi. (Please animators make this scene incredible). The anime version was ok but now is the time for Crystal to take a step further and let us feel and understand why these characters are meant to be together.

Don’t forget the fact that this is the first time that Usagi rescues Mamoru. When they are in danger, Usagi uses her Moon Transformation Pen to save both, then he thanks her. Let this moment be epic, with his piercing blue eyes dominating the screen when he speaks to her.

Finally, there is a kiss. But is not just about the kiss, is the moment that builds up to it as well. Sailor Moon is tired and drinks what she thinks is juice (because in the world juice has little umbrellas in it and is served in martini glasses…really?) and well, she gets drunk incredibly fast. It is Tuxedo Kamen who takes care of her, and is in the end when she is safe that he kisses her for the first time. This kiss is their first on-screen kiss! No dreams, no memories. Is their first kiss!

I want this to be amazing, beautiful, and I want it superb in terms of animation.

Then, to conclude, and as a perk, I would like to see the “handsome Umino” version. It will be nice just for a laugh to see him in the girls imagination as an attractive good looking guy, instead of the nerdy friend they consider him to be.

That’s it for now. Watch Sailor Moon Crystal next week and let’s discuss what you like, love or hate from this (in my humble opinion) very accurate Sailor Moon adaptation!


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