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If you are following the Hunger Games Twitter, or any of their related accounts, you have been seeing Capitol propaganda everywhere. As is the style with any modern rebellion, District 13 also took to social media to spread the word of their cause. By “hacking” the Hunger Games Twitter accounts they’ve been able to reach all of the districts, using the Capitol’s extensive media channels against them!

The Capitol Ministry of Information campaign features President Snow along with Peeta and Johanna in ‘Together as One’ and the Beetee pirated transmission ‘Unity.’ These addresses have been airing on "Capitol TV" and it is awesome. Check out one of the videos below:

Today the rebellion (Lionsgate) released promotional posters of some of our favorite characters who are taking a stand against the Capitol. Pictured within the confines of District 13’s walls are:

President Coin (Julianne Moore)

Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin)

Beetee Latier (Jeffrey Wright)

Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks)

Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson)

Plutarch Heavensbee (the late Philip Seymour Hoffman)

The cast is clad in monochromatic grey tones, and looking morose yet strong giving you a feeling of just how serious they are about freeing themselves from the Capitol and carrying on the rebellion. The air of defiance really suits the reluctantly toned-down Effie!

Be sure to follow the film on Twitter so you can catch all of the exciting propaganda from both sides of the war!

[The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1](movie:446261) is set to hit theaters on November 21st.


Do you stand with the Capitol or the Rebellion?


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