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Cinemax has a new show premiering tomorrow night, August 8, and it comes from Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh. Intrigued? What if I told you that it stars Academy Award nominee Clive Owen (Children of Men, Sin City) and is about the the doctors and nurses who pushed the boundaries of medicine in 1900 New York?

I know, you may be saying to yourself, "but that isn't horror". Perhaps not in the typical definition of horror, but our lead doctor, John Thackery (Owen), has a cocaine addiction and performs experimental procedures in a time when mortality rates were high and antibiotics were nonexistent.

It is these archaic times that lend to the graphic nature and depiction of the operations on the show. Rejoice! It's a bloody show because it is historically accurate and not just for the sake of being shocking. Dr. Thackery performs in an operating theatre and, allegedly, the camera never flinches from the procedure that he is performing or the amount of blood involved. With wardrobe from movie costumer Ellen Mirojnick (Behind the Candelabra), The Knick is sounding a bit like Downton Abbey with a lot of blood, a little drug addiction and the same amount of drama. Sounds like a perfect Friday night in to me!

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