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Have you heard about that new tornado movie in theaters? There’s a big TWIST at the end! Ha! Okay well, now that we’ve all had a good laugh, let’s get down to business.

It has been almost two decades since Warner Bros. released Twister. You know what that means! Exchange Helen Hunt for Sarah Wayne Callies and add more CGI (no sharks in this one. Sorry, people!). Now you have Into the Storm!

My biggest takeaway from seeing Into the Storm is that Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) has been fooling us all along. He is actually very tall and is busy fighting tornados and teenage sons, not Smaug. And The Walking Dead's Lori managed to not kill anyone. Pretty shocking stuff!

Moviepilot was lucky enough to snag seats to see Warner Bros. new disaster film last night. My honest assessment? This movie just didn't blow me away! I’m so so sorry -- had to get that last one out of the way.

In all seriousness, Steven Quale’s (Final Destination 5) direction of Into the Storm wasn’t great, but it wasn’t particularly awful either. You get exactly what you expect. It wasn’t trying for some greater meaning or purpose. It didn’t take itself too seriously. No thinking, no mess. The movie doesn't waste any time, it doesn't lull, and you're never bored. Definitely entertaining and very watchable.

The cliché lines, the heroic parent, the angsty teens; this one had it all. Despite being shot largely in POV, there is little character development, which lowers what would otherwise feel like ultra high stakes. Don't get me wrong, they were sure to include the troubled parent-child relationship and the awkward teenage romance. Trite and poorly executed; why waste time there when you could show more tornado destruction?

The one inexcusable flaw for me was the number of times the actors said, “Hold on!” I mean, really? No way! I was thinking of letting go of the only thing keeping me from getting sucked up into this behemoth of a super tornado, but now that you told me to “hold on” I guess I’ll rethink that plan. Within a 45 second period “hold on” was said at least 8 times. After the first time it goes beyond obviousness and barrels into redundancy.

If you’re able to overlook that, the visuals were pretty decent and a there were a couple good laughs (probably not intentional, but still fun). All in all, it's a fun watch and certainly worth a rental. Just don’t go in expecting Citizen Kane, or even Twister for that matter.

[Into the Storm](movie:333178) storms into theaters August 8th. Check out the trailer here:


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