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Justin Driver

Earlier today, Deadline reported that a Black Cat movie has been confirmed by Sony for a 2016 release date! This movie will be the first female lead comic book film in the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe, hopefully this will be good! Lisa Jay Nolan is said to be writing and Matt Tolmac will be the producer. Speculation is, is that Silver Sable and Firestar might make an appearance in the film. Felicity Jones played Felicia Hardy in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593), who becomes Black Cat so she will most likely play the title character.

Sony would do well to consider her portrayal in Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man comic series. Although her backstory there is intertwined with Kingpin (whose movie rights are sewn up by Marvel and not Sony), there are numerous analogues available in the Spider-library. An orphaned young woman driven to crime to avenge the death of her father, Felicia Hardy uses her ill-gotten gains to fund her one-woman vendetta against her father’s killer. Heist stories have always been a fertile playground for movies such as the Ocean’s Eleven series, so imagine a character like the Black Cat acting that out within the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel Universe.


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