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It's no secret that DC has big plans for the Flash and Arrow series, as they have already promised us a two-parter crossover mid-season, and Barry Allen has already appeared in season two of [Arrow](series:720988).

A big question for Olicity fans, of course, is how Barry's re-appearance will affect the burgeoning relationship between Felicity and Oliver Queen. When Barry first appeared in Starling City, a flirtation quickly sprung up between him and Felicity. It looked like that may even be going somewhere, but Barry returned to Central City for the big event at Star Labs...and we all know how that turns out!

  On set images from CW's The Flash
On set images from CW's The Flash

Now, PUNKD Images has released this first on-set photo of Felicity during the filming of an episode of [The Flash](movie:15273). She's in one of her trademark adorable outfits, seemingly deep in conversation with Barry Allen, and either it is just taken at the wrong moment, or it looks like she isn't too happy with him.

I want to know if Felicity will appear in any episodes of the Flash before the big crossover - after all, there have been a lot of individual characters making their way back and forth, and Felicity spent a lot of time in Central City while Barry was in a coma.

Could we have a love-triangle showdown on the cards? Maybe Felicity travels back to Central City when she hears that Barry has woken up, and we see her struggling with the relationship she thought she might have, and the one that she has starting back home.

I really hope that there is more than just the mid-season crossover, and that we can see some of the supporting characters shuttling back and forth between shows.

Bring on October!


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