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Pokemon has a show, Yugi-Oh has a show, and now another major trading card game is on its to a screen, the silver screen that is. Magic: The Gathering has been insanely popular around competitive card-gamers for twenty-one years, and Fox has finally decided to make a movie out of it. There is little news of the project so far, and the film itself doesn't look like it will be ready for a while, but it has a good start. Bryan Cogman, one of the writers on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones been brought on to write the script, and Simon Kinberg who has worked on numerous X-Men films is on board to produce.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Magic: The Gathering, it is a competitive card game in which different players build a deck focusing on typically one or two of the five available colors of the game. Each color represents a different strategy (blue=knowledge and manipulation, black=darkness and death, white=order and protection, red=freedom and impulse and green=growth and instinct). During gameplay, each player uses an arsenal of creatures and spells to attempt to overcome their opponent.

Now you might be thinking something along the lines of "How are they supposed to make a movie about that? Are they going to have two people stand across from each other and magically summon giant monsters to try and the kill each other?" Well yes and no.

Now hold on, this may get a little complicated...

Wizards of the Coast (the mastermind company behind Magic: The Gathering) releases several new expansion packs every year: three sets that make up a block of storyline, and a core set. Each block of story brings various characters on some sort of journey throughout the Magic multiverse. Sometimes blocks revolve around veteran characters, but many times they introduce new heroes and villains to battle.

The main characters in these sets are called Planeswalkers, a rare group of people that can travel through each of the different Planes (or worlds) of Magic lore. These characters take on a variety of tasks, from fighting rogue Planewalkers, to battling the gods themselves, but which characters belong on the silver screen?

Ajani Goldmane

Ajani was born an outcast of the Leonin race due to his pale fur. He first discovered his Planeswalker abilities when he his beloved brother was mysteriously assassinated. He gave up on any small problems that troubled him and sought revenge on his brother's killer. During his travels, he also dabbled a bit in red and green magic, which helped him brave though the many obstacles that stood before him. He uses white magic, which symbolizes justice and purity.

Jace Beleren

Jace is something of a prodigy among the other Planeswalkers. His spark ignited at a young age, making him an exceptionally strong mage. Instead of dabbling in local problems, he always pursued knowledge, using blue magic to read minds, conjure illusions, and anything else that furthered his pursuit. With all of his knowledge, Jace has come to be known as a diplomat of sorts, bringing peace to the ten guilds of the Plane known as Ravnica.

Liliana Vess

Liliana is a skilled necromancer, able to re-animate the dead with no more than a thought. As she progressed in years, she made use of her black magic to make a deal with demon lords so that she would remain young and beautiful forever. Her beauty has been known to draw in unsuspecting prey so that Liliana could add them to her army of the undead.

Chandra Nalaar

The wild and impulsive Chandra has always loved fire. Her Planeswalker spark also ignited at a young age, and she has been using her red magic to seek freedom at any means. She is very short-tempered, and has been known to engage in many fights to ensure her freedom. She loves fire, and uses it as both a defense and a weapon.

Garruk Wildspeaker

A veteran hunter, Garruk has spent his life seeking out the largest and deadliest game, using green magic to summon beasts to his aid. During his hunt, he has run into the Planeswalker Liliana on several occasions, and they have grown to be mortal enemies. At one point, Liliana used a powerful artifact called the Chain Veil to imbue Garruk was black magic, dementing him and forcing him to seek out the most dangerous game: other Planeswalkers.

Now I realize that this may seem confusing to those that aren't familiar with the game, but there is plenty of potential in a Magic: The Gathering movie. One of the best plot lines to capture on screen would be Garruk being possessed by the Chain Veil, although throughout the years, many engaging storylines have been introduced.

If you have any questions or input about Magic: The Gathering, please utilize the comments section and I will address any inquiries that you may have.


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