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Disturbed is an understatement of my mind
Daniel Spencer

The Bunny game, is a black and white film focused around the life of a cocaine addicted prostitute, who is abducted by a truck driver, degraded and tortured for a period of time in the desert.

Usually with shock films you're presented with extreme blood and gore, however, The Bunny Game steers away from gore and leaves you with a masterpiece based solely on violence and sexual acts which will truly disturb the average human being.

From the start, you're dropped into Bunny's world, the cruel life of a woman who turned to prostitution to feed her drug addiction. After viewing her life around dominant males, she meets Hog, an unknown truck driver who quickly takes advantage and kidnaps her, strips her and chains her to the inside of his truck. For the rest of the film you see Hog, torturing and humiliating her in extreme ways, from sexual acts, dragging her with a leash around a desert to branding.

As far as story line goes, The Bunny Game is hugely lacking, it seems we are just dropped half way through the story. The first 15 minutes is about Bunny's sex infested drug life but it would of been better to see more of her past. Then you meet Hog, who is a complete stranger to us. We have no idea why he is doing this or whether he has done this in the past. However the lack of storyline between the characters makes it seem more believable as a story. You don't tend to know the other persons backstory so this gives it an element of realism.

The movie aside, the special features is the most shocking thing, interviews with Jeff F. Renfro (Hog) and Rodleen Getsic (Bunny) we come to the truth about how they can pull off this element of torture with such a low budget. Well it turns out all the torture was real (minus the drug and alcohol abuse). It was a huge shock to me to find out the there are actors out there willing to get their head shaved, be branded and suffocated for a film. Even Gregg Gilmore, who was originally going to play Hog, pulled out at the last minute as it was too dark and real for him to do.

So if you're expecting a Fred Vogel's August Underground then you will be truly disappointed. However if you came for an intense psychological, degrading movie then you've found it.


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