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The Green Inferno Survival by Nanai Games is the official video game of the new Eli Roth film.

Seriously?? I stumbled across this news COMPLETELY by accident while looking for any leaks or info about The Green Inferno for a podcast topic...and lo and behold, it's a GAME!

It all starts in the jungle, after a big plane crash, where we find eight survivors surrounded by ravenous opponents. Your objective is to protect the crew from furious hordes of enemies. Conquer the jungle with different strategies, using various types of traps and weapons!

For Justine and the remaining survivors, just because you arrive in a foreign country expecting to be treated like saviors, doesn't mean it's actually going to happen. So, hang up your white privilege and get ready to run for your animated life through the Amazonian jungle!

-The Green Inferno: Survival is a fast-paced approach to the popular Real Time Strategy genre.
-Intense mix of adrenalin and strategy in 10 dangerous levels.
-Experiment different ways to defeat enemies using a wide variety of defenses.
-Unlock all the 25 trophies to get the full game experience.
-Unique visual style, that mixes movie elements with a cartoony feel.

The goal? Don't be cannibal food.

[The Green Inferno](movie:400207) hits theaters September 5th but you can download the game on iTunes now - The Green Inferno: Survival is available on iPhone and iPad.


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