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Rhett Reese, creator of Deadpool, is calling to all fans for your help. Like any true Deadpool fan, Reese would be willing to drown babies in order to get a Deadpool film made. So, as an alternative to drowning babies, Reese has taken to twitter to officially start his campaign for the film to be made of the Marvel fan-favorite.

I, personally would like to beg you to click the retweet button seen above. With enough support, the current owners to the Deadpool film rights, Twentieth Century Fox, will have no choice but to answer to the fans. With such insane support for the film, would Fox really be willing to turn down such an opportunity for the potentially huge money maker?

Within the past month, test footage for a [Deadpool](movie:38663) movie managed to finds its way online, including voicing from Ryan Reynolds, the man who played him in a previous X-Men movie and who has been attached to the film for some time now.

If you do not have a twitter account, make sure to share the following link with whoever you can wherever you can in order to make our movie dreams a reality!


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