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Sweet Jesus, this movie looks awesome! I didn't know what to expect after hearing that the director of the first film, Nicholas McCarthy, wasn't directing this follow-up. But, after seeing the trailer, I'm more than intrigued. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2012 predecessor, so I'm relieved that this looks like a worthy sequel. While I caught some disturbing imagery here and there in the trailer, I also caught some jump scares, so I hope they aren't overdone when we see the final product. There looks to be a lot of sliding across floors action going on too, which I also hope isn't overplayed. The rest of the trailer looks good though. I'll definitely be checking it out!

Directed by Dallas Richard Hallem and Patrick Horvath, The Pact 2 hits VOD on September 5th and will make a limited theatrical run on October 10th. Starring Camilla Luddington, Patrick Pischler, Scott Michael Foster, Haley Hudson, Mark Steger, and Caity Lotz.

What's your thoughts on The Pact 2 trailer?



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