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Still working on our Guardians of the Galaxy review. Until then, how about catching up with director James Gunn's previous superhero outing, Super? Along with some other "deconstructed superhero" films - Kick-Ass, Defendor and Kick-Ass 2.

With Kick-Ass 2 hitting theaters, the Jasons deconstruct the "Deconstructed Superhero" sub-genre, focusing on those movies that attempt to pick apart the psyches of superhero-wannabes... usually very poorly. They discuss "The Dark Knight Returns" and "Watchmen," whether Kick-Ass loves its characters or not, ultraviolence, the irony of Hit Girl, Nicolas Cage, Rainn Wilson, Nathan Fillion as Bibleman, James Gunn and Guardians of the Galaxy, religious visions, black comedies, Clue: The Movie (1985) vs. Battleship (2012), real-life "superheroes," Jim Carrey, Mother Russia, Mean Girls, and the joy of a small-scale movie in this summer movie season.

Jason Squared Podcast #30

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