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Ok, so I was thinking about [Maleficent](movie:39352) and how great that pulled off a Disney villain. I was watching The Lion King and thought "since Scar was such a great villain in The Lion King, why not give him his own stand-alone movie? I say yes and here are some reasons why you would love a Scar stand-alone movie!

1: Bring back 2D Animation!

  Young Simba
Young Simba

Look at that! You cant argue that this is some beautiful artwork. In order to bring back the magic that the original had, it needs to be hand drawn. If The Lion King was in 3D Animation, it could take the heart and craft out of the artwork. 3D Animation is getting a little over board and not that special anymore.

2: Jeremy Irons

  Jeremy Irons
Jeremy Irons

You cant make a Scar movie without the voice of Scar himself. Just to refresh your memories, here are a couple of videos.

Scar is certainly a smart, sophisticated, manipulative, and sleek villain. Jeremy Irons unique voice definitely brought this character to life and if he didn't return, it wouldn't be the same.

3: More Depth Between Scar and Mufasa Relationship.

  Scar and Mufasa
Scar and Mufasa

It would be interesting to see the story of both brothers growing up - for all we know Scar could have been the good guy and Mufasa could have been a duchebag and asshole. We could find out the origins of Taka(Scar's real name) and how Scar came about his scar. Scar was jealous because Mufasa became king and for all we know Scar and Mufasa may not have been biological brothers. Scar could have grown jealous over the attention that Mufasa was getting from Scar's father.

4: Circle of Life for the Opening of the Movie.

We all know this is the best opening to a movie ever made. It starts off very strong with a great soundtrack and its simply amazing. The Circle of Life would be a great opening but, instead of showing Simba being held up by Rafiki you would have Mufasa being held up. While Scar is in his mothers lap, giving his brother an evil glare... the hatred begins.

I hope you enjoyed my article, this is just an idea that I came up with from the top of my head and I wanted to share it with all of you on Moviepilot. Please dont be to harsh with the criticism!

Would you be willing to watch this movie? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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