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So, by now we all know that everyone on the Star Wars Episode VII set has been signed up to a bunch of Non Disclosure Agreements so airtight Houdini couldn't get out of them. Which means we're not likely to get too much out of them before the film is, y'know, released.

In fact, since most of them'll be in Episode VIII, probably not even then.

All of which means our expectations were pretty low going into the interview Domhnall Gleeson recently gave to - and were therefore able to be pleasantly exceeded:

Asked about whether everyone on set is now wearing shin guards as a result of Harrison Ford's recent accident, Gleeson wouldn't comment - but did reveal something small, but intriguing, about the set and its protocols:

"When you walk from your trailer to the set - you're in Pinewood Studios - you have to put on a big, black cloak thing to cover all of your clothes, like full length, 'cause they're worried about people seeing costumes and stuff. It's crazy."

Which, a) explains why we haven't had a sneaky look at any of the cast in costume yet, and b) offers up a potential way to get one. Anyone got a really long fishing pole?

Gleeson also (hopefully jokingly) revealed the means for keeping the actor's in line when it comes to the NDA's:

"There's a guy in that window out there with a sniper rifle trained on you and another one that's trained on me right now and they can hear every word we're saying, and if you ask a question that disrespects the NDA there's just going to be a *poof*."

As well as revealing he and his father Brendan's relationships with fame - and his hopes to avoid being recognized on the street:

"The fame thing we've talked about at various points, but the truth is you never know where it's going to come from. When my dad did "Harry Potter" we thought everything was gonna go nuts for him and it wasn't "Harry Potter" that made everything nuts for him, it was "In Bruges" and then "The Guard" in terms of walking down the street and getting stopped a lot. Those are the movies that did it and they're not the ones you'd expect. So just because I'm doing "Star Wars" doesn't mean that'll be the thing that makes people stop me in the street. Maybe they won't EVER, so it'll be fine."

And - most importantly, obviously - revealing just what the culinary conditions are like on set:

"Excellent. Excellent food. Really really good. You can go really healthy and it'll still be tasty...Something like quinoa with chicken and stuff, but your whole meal will only be 500 calories, but it'll be really tasty and there won't be any crazy sauce or anything like that, but it's just really well seasoned and delicious."

All of which is...reassuring, I suppose, if not all that revealing.

Clearly what we really need is for someone to interview one of the cast when they're drunk.

Then we'll get the answers we need!

[Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158) is set for release December 18, 2015 - and just will not hurry up, no matter how much we want it to.


What do you guys think? Excited to see Domhnall Gleeson as...whoever he'll be playing?



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