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Frozen fans finally get a sneak peek at their favourite heroine in real life this weekend, as ABC unveiled the cast of Once Upon a Time's fourth season.

Starring Elizabeth Lail as Anna, Georgina Haig as Elsa and Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff, it's fair to say that the resemblances are pretty uncanny. And rightly so, for transporting one of the biggest animated releases ever to the small screen requires some careful treading.

Though it doesn't premiere until September 28th, fans at Comic-Con this year were treated to a clip from the show, which according to the Hollywood Reporter contains "not just any surprise".

Previously, Once Upon a Time has adapted the characters of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla), and Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle).

With an audience of teenage girls hooked on "Let it Go", there's certainly a lot riding on the crossover's success. In the mean time, check out the pictures below.

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Are you looking forward to seeing the Frozen stars in the flesh?


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