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Will Daryl Dixon die during The Walking Dead Season 5? This is the theory currently traveling around the internet after the fan-favorite character was left out of the official photo for the new season of the show.

  See, he's nowhere to be seen!
See, he's nowhere to be seen!

To add fuel to the conspiratorial fire, also noted that Norman Reedus, who plays the character on the show, had been particularly melancholic on Twitter the past couple of days, posting links to an Alice in Chains song (always a bad sign) as well as thanking the fans for all their support:

And if it's true that evidence always comes in threes (or is that blind mice?) then the trifecta is completed by reports that Scott Wilson - AKA Hershel Greene - was spotted on set, possibly to attend a death dinner.

So is there any substance to the rumor of Daryl's demise?

To be honest, it seems very unlikely to me. I'm rather cynical about these stories at the best of times, and the evidence here just doesn't add up.

If AMC really were going to kill off the most popular character on the show, why would they let the whole world know before it actually happened? It seems counterproductive to spoil the surprise of what would probably be the biggest event in TV since the Red Wedding by shouting from the proverbial rooftops about what was going to happen.

I don't buy it.


Will Daryl die in The Walking Dead Season 5?


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