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Matt Carter

The final scene of The Walking Dead Season 4 featured a scene so shocking and controversial it had to be re-written for cable TV.

However, the scene in question wasn't censored for its excessive violence or immorality, but because Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) said the word fuck. Yeah, I know, it's terrible.

Luckily, the internet doesn't believe in censorship and we've got the uncut scene in all its profane glory for you to check out:

I must say, it's kinda weird to hear Andrew Lincoln drop the f-bomb. Also, as a massive fan of the comic book source material, I got all sorts of goosebumps after finally hearing this iconic line uttered.

It seems crazy to me that a show is censored for bad language, yet dismemberment and scenes of extreme human-on-undead violence are allowed.

We're all adults. Surely a little cussing is fine now and again?


Which version do you prefer?


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