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Jess O'Kane

If you haven't yet reached your quota for slightly oily cowboys throwing guns around for the week, you're in luck with the trailer for grindhouse horror Devil's Deal.

Starring some people you've never heard of, in all honesty it's hard to make out the plot from the footage, but I can pinpoint the following:

1) The nemesis has a cool-ass hat

2) It must be a fancy pants town because there are A LOT of silk waistcoats

3) You want a mysterious black dude with an eye patch? We got a mysterious black dude with an eye patch!

4) There's always time for dancing ladies in masks

5) Why not spit out some black lumpy stuff while you're at it?

All jokes aside, this looks slightly above par compared to your typical low-budget horror, which is saying something. Watch the trailer below.

The Devil's Deal is straight-to-DVD on Lionsgate releases, and you can buy it here.


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