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Robert Pattinson has probably done a few 'ridiculous' jobs in his time (being a sparkling vampire for one), but it seems the most ridiculous is as a brand ambassador for Dior.

The Twilight star, who admitted he doesn't have a fashionable bone in his body, recently told the Daily Telegraph what being a 'brand ambassador' actual entails:

[It's] the most ridiculous job in the world. I have to do barely anything and I just occasionally have to go to some Dior parties, which is great.

And there I was thinking that working for Dior must consist of back-breaking labor... But good on Pattinson for being so open about this. Some other celebrities might try to bullshit their way through this kind of fashion work by making it sound important or inspirational. At least he can see it for what it actually is.


Working for Dior sounds...

Source: Daily Telegraph


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