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Jess O'Kane

Everyone's favorite glittery 107 year-old Robert Pattinson is fresh from appearing in Map to the Stars, directed by David Cronenberg.

But clearly starring in a movie about Hollywood excess has lead R-Patz to get reflective about showbiz.

In a recent interview with Esquire, he said it was "amazing how people change":

There was one guy who’d never been on a movie set before. And after just three days he was holding out his water bottle and waiting for someone to take it. Three days! Some people just have it in them.

He also spoke about his life since splitting with professional sadface Kristen Stewart, and the pitfalls of living alone:

My house doesn’t reflect my personality. There’s, like, no furniture. It looks a bit psychotic.

Psychotic he might be, but it would appear there's very little chance of R-Patz turning into a diva anytime soon. Phew!

(Source: Daily Express)


Would you still love R-Patz if he was a diva?


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