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So this is my Top 10 List of, in my opinion, the best superhero movies ever. And I'm a massive fan. I love it with a passion. I'm very different to a lot of the other people on this site, cos I'm not all like "There was great character chemistry between Black Widow and Hawkeye!!" I don't give a sh*t. Or, "Heath Ledger's performance was legendary!!" I get that a lot. Yes it was, but that wasn't what I came to the cinema to see. So I don't give a sh*t. "Why isn't The Dark Knight on this list??" I'm sorry, are you talking about Harvey Dent and the Politic Scandal?? I fell asleep in that movie, but Nolan tots made up for it in TDKR:) I'm not a hater, I'm a different kind of hater, so bear with me an here goes...

10. Iron Man

So the first Iron Man just had a cool story: He got captured by the terrorists and has to make them weapons to get himself set free... but Stark is a d*ck about it and instead builds himself a weapon to beat their asses!! And that weapon is Iron Man!! The best thing about this movie is the minds behind it: THIS made the Marvel Universe SO popular. 1. RDJ is the most awesome actor for the awesomest character of all time. 2. Iron Man was leotard spandex man in the comics, and they made him look AWESOME!! It was really funny, and it was cool to see him evolve from weapons to suits, however I didn't like how Pepper was a servant and how Rhodey looked different to the one we know today:/ Plus Iron Monger was pretty cool!!

9. Iron Man 2

So in the sequel we have Iron Man as awesomeness, War Machine as firepower, Black Widow as appeal and the most badass villain ever. When I say badass, Whiplash was a terrible villain but he straight up destroyed that race car and that suit he had at the end was wicked!! This was even funnier than the last one, and Black Widow was portrayed best with her fighting style being VERY dangerous. She took out like 20 trained guards and actually had a haircut that suited her!! Whedon tots ruined her fashion:( but still, I loved War Machine and their little playfight, and how they came back together agin, how he stole the suit, it was pretty good:)

8. The Amazing Spider-Man

So this is about as dark as a Spider-Man movie gets, and I loved it!! It was very spidey, and although the villain wasn't actually much of a villain, there were a lot of death and we really got to know the characters well. There were great fight scenes, and I love the new costume and Peter's detective stuff, but I have a problem in Spider-Man in general that they'd have to MASSIVELY change. For a superhero, he is really weak. I like how he uses his smarts to defeat his enemies like Star-Lord, but I could tots kill him with a pencil, so they should've added healing, bigger stamina, even a gun or something and beefed him up a lot. Apart from that though, this is a fantastic origin story!!

7. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Now this is the funniest superhero movie I've ever seen, and it surprises me how they've kept the dark drama with the fun comedy and Wolverine swearing!! This is great, because most people would want to see an X-Men movie based on the future rather than the 70's, but I was watching the start like "OMG too many people are dying get me away!!" and then going to the past with Wolverine like "yeah, women!!" in that first bed scene. It was jam packed of superheroes and special effects with a worthy opponent: the sentinels. An army of these could probably take out Godzilla, and I'd like to see them take on Ultro's army, cos they are unstoppable!! However, the rest of the characters, like Beast and Mystique (Neytiri), looked like they were replicas from the comics. Not GOOD. But, Tyrion was great in this, so was Jen Law, and there were some amazing fight scenes too!!

6. The Avengers

I'll be honest, and loads of people will hate me for saying this, but the Avengers WAY too overhyped. Yes, it is the crown of all Marvel films to date, but it only got 6th on my list. It was funny, there was action, Iron Man fought aliens, there was a giant space whale, and the ending was great, with the missile in space and Thanos at the end, but what could they fix? 1. SHIELD- The world's worst orginisation. I wish it really wasn't there at the first place. It's just...SHIELD. Coulson coming back to life is stupid, It should've been just Nick Fury and the Avengers. 2. Loki- He is an awesome villain, but he was just too Joffery in this, letting his army do all the work, he was a badass at the start, but he didn't once us his ice powers or teleport and push Hulk off Stark tower. As an Avengers villain, it has to lake all of them to take him down, not his army. 3. Characters- Well obviously Black Widow is appeal (hehe) so why not replace Hawkeye with Iron Patriot?? They tots should've done more with him. Apart from this though, I loved the movie:)

5. The Dark Knight Rises

This one makes me forgive Christopher Nolan for his trilogy. One day I watched it all and fell asleep 4 times, but TDKR kept me awake:) All that political crap is thrown out the window, and Batman actually saves the city for once. Bane was a great villain; he wasn't like that nerd at the start or the psycho with a make up fetish from Harvey Dent and the Politic Scandal, he was smarter than Batman, more powerful, and could throw a harder punch. Bane punched threw a pillar and broke Batman's back, and had a weird accent:/ but although the theme some gave me a migraine, he dodged missiles in a flying tank and survived an atom bomb, and lets not forget Catwoman, the hottest badass ever!! :O

4. Thor: The Dark World

I have one question from this film: Why the hell isn't Heimdall in the Avengers?? That guy is so badass, he sprinted up the bridge, leaped onto a flying knife and stabbed it to death. Loki was awesome, and he took on that guy with the Kursed stone. He was unfortunately a better villain than Malekith though, who had a cool voice and stuff but was the sort of person that if he had taken over the universe, everyone would be like "wait...who??" Although, the Aether powers were really cool, and I loved the characters and Asgard, but the final fight was kinda stupid, and not serious enough. Loki's twist made up for it at the end though:)

3. Man of Steel

Now this film is kinda hated due to Superman killing General Zod at the end, but I think there's a reason behind it, like the public hating Superman in the future and he has to do something to reset that. Anyway, I love the Kryptonian scene at the start and their obsession with pin art, and his little origin. My only problem was it was so DC that everyone on Earth was sulky and boring. The seriousness really made Zod scary, there was only Lois' joke about measuring d*cks and that was it. Anyway, the final battle was the best I've ever seen, and this was a great one with a dramatic ending. I really liked this film:)

2. Iron Man 3

So the internet exploded when they found out the secret that the Mandarin wasn't real, but was Aldrich Killian a bad villian?? Honestly, if there was no Mandarin at all and just Killian, Iron Man 4 would've already been made. The Mandarin isn't even the right villain for Iron Man, his powers are opposite and Iron man could just blow him up. Killian on the other hand, is a man enhanced with equal strength, but is great against Iron Man because Extremis can just cut right through him. But this was awesome- Tony's house gets destroyed, he takes down 2 choppers, drowns and investigates, fights a super enhanced hottie with no suit, meets a fanboy, takes out a base with scraps from B&Q, escaped prison and does a cool backflip, steals a speedboat and saves people from a plane crash, uses his robot army to save his wife and the president, fights a super enhanced dude and blows up his suits. That bit gets me every time :') Trevor is hilarious, too XP

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is my favorite movie of all time. 3 heroes. An awesome villian. Much plot twisting. Many fighting. The HIGHWAY SCENE is the best thing in movie history. The Winter Soldier Just backflips onto a moving car and takes out the insides, then uses his SWAT team to blow up everything on the bridge. Then the terrifying battle with Captain America when they're both freakin ninjas. One thing that sets this movie apart from the other Marvel/DC movies is how modern it is. The soundtrack isn't those cheesy trumpet solos from Spider-Man, but it's this really cool dubstep for when the Winter Soldier. Sometimes you need some cheese for Cap's justice moments, but I bought that soundtrack on Google Playand listened to it whilst blowing up choppers in Fort Zancudo in GTA 5, and it feels AWESOME. I don't need to explain, but Cap, Widow and Falcon are a great trio. Everyone acted perfectly. Lets just take a minute to respect the Russo brothers and hope they direct every Marvel and DC film ever.

Well, I hope you liked that!!:) Vote below for your favorite on this list!!


What's your favorite Marvel/ DC movie??

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