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Mark Newton

Welcome to Moviepilot's Create Your Own Horror Adventure!

The idea is extremely simple. By clicking the link below you will begin a horrific tale in which you must attempt, as best you can, to survive to the end. The story is told through interlinking pages, with each page giving you a dilemma and/or choice of two options. The decisions you make will affect which direction the story takes, eventually ending at one of eight endings.

However, beware, there are also several GAME OVERS which will end the story and force you to start again (or, if you prefer, you can simply go back a page), so think before you choose. For those of you interested in getting immersed in the story, you can read the longer prose, while those of you simply wanting to snap through the game quickly can read the short recaps at the end of each dilemma page. Click the link to get started!




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