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Earlier this year it came out that both Marvel and DC are opening two of their biggest upcoming movies on the same day of May 6th 2016! Both Captain America 3 and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice were scheduled to hit US theaters on the same day.

DC has now confirmed that they are actually releasing Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice on March 25th 2016! This means DC have a better chance at scoring that Billion Dollars that they so desperately need.

This was inevitable, although it would have been cool for these two gigantic films to open on the same night so that fans could have the double feature of their dreams, it would have been highly impractical for either studio to do so. This would have lost money for either studio because perhaps not everyone wants to go see two superhero movies on the same weekend. Marvel stayed so persistent with the date because they had it first and they can afford to a lose a bit of box office. They recently just proved that they can make big box office from using unknown characters just by using the Marvel brand, so they have nothing to worry about when putting out a sequel to a smash hit.

DC on the other hand need Batman V Superman to be as big as it possibly can be so that they can know for sure that movie goers want to see their DC cinematic universe. Batman V Superman for sure will cross a billion and has the chance to be the biggest box office hit of all time, purely because of its title. For over 20 years, people have wanted to see these two characters on the same screen and its finally happening. If Batman V Superman is good, it will be a giant hit.

Summer movie season is no longer summer movie season. Recently the summer has been kicked off in April with films like Captain America: The Winter Soldier but now the biggest movie of 2016 will be releasing in March! Only three months into the year we will be seeing THE summer blockbuster.

Personally I prefer this date change, I want both movies to get as much box office as they possibly can because I love it when movies succeed. But what do you guys think? Were you hoping for the double feature of a lifetime? Comment below!


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