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DC continues to throw out big news as just yesterday 9 movie dates were confirmed for upcoming DC/WB projects. These movie dates fall from August 2016 until June 2020. DC finally has a plan!

These are the confirmed dates:

-August 5th 2016

-June 23rd 2017

-November 17th 2017

-March 23rd 2018

-July 27th 2018

-April 5th 2019

-June 14th 2019

-April 3rd 2020

-June 19th 2020

That's right! We could be seeing two DC/WB movies each year! Now of course none of the movies have been confirmed but that's where we come in! Time to speculate!

Now the first date is August 5th 2016, that's the same year as Batman V Superman, so we can expect that one to be announced in the near future. My best guess is Wonder Woman or Batman. Batman would be the safe choice as its a guaranteed money maker. Wonder Woman could work though as the mainstream audience isn't as familiar with that character and she's one of the essential DC heroes.

Then from 2017 and on we have two movies coming each year so these are the ones they could possible be!

'Justice League':

It was recently confirmed that Zack Snyder will be directing Justice League and that it will most likely be releasing in 2017! This is where we'll most likely get our first big look at characters like Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman.


It looks like Jason Momoa is our Aquaman and giving Aquaman his own movie after his appearance in Batman V Superman is a smart move. He's a character that has been a laughing stock for years but casting Jason Momoa could change that and turn him into a completely bad ass character that we've seen in recent comics!


Recently Dwayne Johnson has been teasing fans that he'll be playing the character of Shazam! This is definitely going to be one of the nine movies scheduled for release as The Rock has proven to be a fan favorite and can add a lot more credibility to the relatively unknown role of Shazam!

'Green Lantern/Flash':

In the recent leak of rumored DC movie releases, Green Lantern/Flash was a team up movie scheduled to release around the fall. This could certainly fill up that November 2017 spot. The film would be a fast paced comedy that could follow a buddy cop type formula. Both characters are quick witted and have powers perfect for 3D viewing. This would be one of my most anticipated movies in the slate. We so desperately need to get a fresh Green Lantern after the 2011 atrocity.

'The Batman':

The new stand alone Batman film is one that is certainly going to happen. He's the biggest and best DC character that we just can't get enough of. Ben Affleck will don the cowl and hopefully take on directing duties as well. We probably won't be seeing the origin story again but see Batfleck return to his glory as a seasoned Batman and kick some supervillain ass.

Other movies we'll probably get will be "Man Of Steel 2" (The Official Sequel), "Justice League 2" and the previously confirmed "Sandman" which has Joseph Gordon Levitt attached.

It looks like DC finally have the plan we all can't wait to see. Do you guys think my movie predictions are correct or totally crazy? Write down below in the comments! Make sure to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for all the latest reviews and news!

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