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Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles. Not just Interview With The Vampire, but the entire series. This is either the best news ever or it will be a tragedy.

  Vampire Chronicle movies for everyone!
Vampire Chronicle movies for everyone!

As you know, Interview and Queen of the Damned have already seen movie adaptations from Warner Brothers. This new deal gives Universal access to every title in the series and also includes the screenplay that has already been written for Tale of the Body Thief. Guess who adapted Tale of the Body Thief for the screen? None other than Christopher Rice, Anne Rice's son. This unprecedented deal also includes any future novels in the series, including the upcoming 11th book, Prince Lestat.

Fans of the Anne Rice series are a very dedicated and protective group. Need I remind you of the fury that was created when Tom Cruise was announced as Lestat in Interview With The Vampire? It was literary and cinematic anarchy until Ms. Rice herself proclaimed Cruise worthy of the role. As an unapologetic Tom Cruise fan, I was very suspicious of this casting choice as well, but it's my opinion that he did a fantastic job of inhabiting Lestat's greed, jealousy and unrequited love.

The book lover in me is giddy about the prospect of this series coming to life, but the movie lover who sat through Queen of the Damned is wary of one of my favorite book series' being tarnished again. Fellow Anne Rice fans, what do you think? Can the stories of Lestat, Armand, Memnoch and the many, many others ever truly be brought to the screen? Please, let me know your opinion in the comments section; I would love to hear!



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