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If you haven’t already heard, the Mumbai-based Fox Star Studios is going to start filming a remake of John Green’s novel, The Fault in Our Stars, in Bollywood! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox Star Studios CEO Vijay Singh said:

“We think the story will have an emotional [connection] with Indian audiences,”

The original English version of [The Fault In Our Stars](movie:602185) grossed about $263 million worldwide, $1 million of which came from India. But the financial success of the film was not their only reason for adapting it, Singh stated:

“We had actually thought of adapting it locally even before the film was released here.”

Directing, casting, and production dates have yet to be announced, however there have been some online speculations as to which Bollywood stars might take on the roles of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters.

For the film’s narrator and protagonist, Alia Bhatt’s name has been thrown into the ring.

And for the star-crossed love of her life people have been suggesting Bollywood's crown prince, Ranbin Kapoor.

Yes, he is a great deal older than the 17-year-old August, but I wouldn’t complain about seeing him on screen!


Would you go see the Bollywood remake of TFIOS?


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