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Matthew Petteruto

So my school told me I have to read this book for summer reading. What teenager wants to do summer reading? When I started reading this book I could NOT put it down. This book is filled with so many great elements. This book made me actually want to summer read to be honest.

While reading this book, in my mind all I was saying was "When will they make this a movie?" or "This would be a great movie!" When I was finished with the book, (two days ago) I had to google search "A Monster Calls." I was very happy when I got the good old IMDB result. Liam Neeson as the Monster? Oh come on that's awesome! Felicity Jones (Amazing Spider-Man 2) as mum? This is going to be a fantastic movie. This movie has many scary elements, sad elements, heartwarming elements, and bizarre elements. Woah! That's a lot of elements. I suggest everyone read this book. But, yes for all you lazy book-readers this book has plenty of pictures! Haha!


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