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Let me start of by clarifying on what I mean by "Non-TMNT Fan". By that, I need to explain my definition of "fan", which is someone that knows every scrap of lore and follows the franchise to the grave. That being said, that's not what I am. I've seen the previous TMNT movie, and that's about it. I know who they are, I know their backstory, and I know the jest of what they do, but I wouldn't qualify myself as a fan. Now that we got that out of the way, let the review begin!

These sexy devils you see before you are the characters this movie is about. From left to right is Leonardo, the group leader, Donatello, the brains of the operation, Raphael, the hot-headed rebel, and Michelangelo, the comic relief. (Personally, Donatello is my favorite because I was always the nerd in my group, and I like purple.) I had no complaints about the way they wrote the Turtles. When they introduced the characters, you already get a good grasp on what they're like. Donnie's smart, Mikey cracks jokes, Leo keeps everyone together, and Raph is kind of a dick. They stuck with their personalities pretty well throughout the movie and really showed their relationships with each other. There's one scene that I relate to, and you might too if you have siblings. No matter how much you guys fight, and how cool you think you are when you're not around them, you do some pretty stupid stuff when you're with them. This scene from the movie definitely nails their brotherly relationship.

However, the movie didn't exactly revolve around the Turtles, it mostly followed the character of April O'Neil, portrayed by Megan Fox.

  Don't bother looking for the "toe thumb".
Don't bother looking for the "toe thumb".

I was surprised to see the movie follow April more than the people the movie is titled after. The movie opens with the voice of Splinter talking to the someone, I assume the Turtles, but then moves on to April, and it follows her throughout the movie. It didn't play out as bad as I thought it would. In fact, this really built-up the anticipation of the actual Turtles as April chases them down. The fight scenes are pretty cool, especially when they don't exactly reveal the Turtles just yet. For one scene in a subway, all you see are shadows and flying bodies, and I didn't complain. I love the aspect of mystery they give you in the movie, even though you know who they are. The only complaint I had about the fight scenes is that most of them were either too easy or ridiculously hard for the Turtles. They're 8 feet tall and are apparently given super strength, so they can smack a Foot Clan soldier in the chest and send them flying, but when they go head to head with Shredder, they're constantly being knocked around. With that being said, I liked that. I liked how when they tried to attack Shredder one at a time, they failed, but when they attack as a team, they do damage. Because that's the whole concept of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, cooperation and teamwork. They really nailed that in their final battle.

I don't have many complaints about the movie, besides the usual, "Why didn't they just...?" moments that a lot of movies have these days. The bad guy's evil plan at the end was very reminiscent of another movie I've seen recently. This big, tough bad guy wants to spread an airborne toxin through a device that spreads it over a city on top of a skyscraper. Hmm...sounds kinda like...

  Actually, JUST like.
Actually, JUST like.

I think the biggest surprise to me was Megan Fox actually being good in the movie. She wasn't used as an object like in Transformers, she was being used as an actual character. With like, lines and stuff. She didn't do half bad!

Despite this movie getting a 21% on Rotten Tomatoes, I chose to see this over Dawn of the Planet of the Apes because I, "...haven't seen a terrible movie in a while." But I walked out thinking it wasn't too bad. I certainly wouldn't watch it again, but I wouldn't say I wasted my money watching it. I personally would wait for it to come out on rental, but it wasn't trash like most people think it is. It has badass fight scenes, funny scenes, and even a shot of Will Arnett staring at Megan Fox's butt, what else could you want? So that's that, let me know what you think of the movie!


What do YOU think of the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?


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