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I am an Aussie Filmmaker who has a passion for telling stories that make people question their own selves.
John Hopper

Imagine if we lived in a world where racism was still apart of everyday culture? Imagine if Hitler's ideas were used again in modern times?

For those who haven't checked out my Moviepilot page, I am a independent film director. Sovereign is my latest project.

The sequel to Monument, Sovereign begins two years after the events of the asteroid impact, where a totalitarian government has taken over. The story itself revolves around one girl's journey from prisoner to revolutionist.

Check out the first official trailer andFacebookPage below.

Sovereign is scheduled for release December 2014

Facebook Page:

Imdb Page:

Some more posters:

  Jason Muller as Baron
Jason Muller as Baron

  Brock Dunstan as Jack
Brock Dunstan as Jack

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