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I'm a Fan Theorist. I give ridiculous predictions for movies and TV shows. I'd like to call them "Ridictable Theories"!
Rand Benjamin Einfeldt

Who doesn't want a Slander-Man movie? There have been fan made trailers and even movies posted on YouTube regarding this popular Creepypasta. It has it's own fictional origin stories that go back to ancient Germany and it even has Photoshopped images as proof of it's existence. Heck it even has it's own game called "Slender" where you would have to find 8 pages before Slender-Man finds you. If they were to make this into a movie the synopsis would start with a bunch of elementary kids noticing that some of their classmates have gone missing. The kids would then try to find out why this is happening. To their surprise they witness a Slander-Man abducting one of their friends. They want their friend back, so Slender-Man decides to make a deal with the kids. He would return their friend if the kids can find the 8 pages before he finds them in the forest. The group of kids agree and venture on a scary quest where each wrong turn could be their last.The title of the movie could very well be "Slender-Man", but why focus on the obvious? Why not just call it "The Eight Pages", after all these pages are what you need to guarantee your safety.

2. Mr. Widemouth

This is by far my favorite Creepypasta! You'll have to look it up on YouTube when you get the chance. Anyway this is about a young kid who first encounters a weird looking creature that resembles a creepy Furby(Me personally, I think he looks more like a Gremlin). The creature introduces himself as Mr. Widemouth for obvious reasons and tries to get this kid to do questionable things... especially with knifes. Knowing that they're going to reboot the "Gremlins" series, this would be perfect timing in making this into a feature film. It would start with the boy first meeting Mr. Widemouth. As he is getting to know him, he begins to question Mr. Widemouth's motives in wanting him to come to the cemetery. The boy eventually moves away from his home. Away from the home that housed Mr. Widemouth. The boy then comes back all grown up, curious as to why Mr. Widemouth wanted him to come to the cemetery. He then learns that the cemetery was the resting place for children that have died at very young ages.

3. Abandoned by Disney

Granted they already made a scary movie based on the theme park Disneyland called "Escape From Tomorrow", but it would be cool to see an adaption of this Creepypasta hit the big screen.This would make for a perfect "found footage film". In the movie you would follow this blogger's curiosity as he/she stumbles onto an abandoned place near Disneyland. Upon arrival the the blogger would find graffiti all over the place saying "Abandoned by Disney". The blogger would encounter numerous memorable Disney mascots that would be chasing him/her and chanting their famous catch phrases in a sinister manner. The last Mascot that the blogger sees is Mickey Mouse himself. Mickey will slowly approach the blogger as he/she stumbles while walking backwards and then the mascot will take off it's mask revealing no human head underneath the Mickey mask. Instead in place of where the head should've been is yellow blood oozing out from the cavity. The name of the movie would obviously be "Abandoned by Disney"!

4. Isla de las Munecas AKA The Island of the Dolls

After being told that a spin-off from the movie "The Conjuring" is coming out with "Anabelle", this would be perfect timing to introduce a movie that is centered on possessed dolls! The movie would start out with a young Mexican girl running away from something in the woods until she accidentally slips into a near by lake and drowns. An old man just happens to find her lifeless body floating off shore and notices a doll was next to her. He decides to hang the doll up on a tree in remembrance of the girl's death. He then begins to hear voices telling him what to do. One of the things he was told to do was collect dolls and decorate the island with them. This slowly turned into an obsession until he had one last task, which was to join the already drowned girl. The man would keep fighting this particular demand but it would eventually get the better of him.The movie would be in Spanish with English subtitles and the title would be "Isla de las Munecas"!


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