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Film and video games have come together in the past with very little success. From the horrors of the Super Mario Bros. film to the utter joy of the FPS sequence in Doom; filmmakers get too ambitious when trying to adapt their favorite games into movies. I havent seen a good one yet. Now there is hope for the game genre because Uncharted will probably be a great movie! And while I'm no blockbuster movie director, I put together a list of the top ten video games that should be movies!

10. Duke Nukem

Granted, the movie would solely be aimed at the male population but it would make one outlandish show. Duke is full of self parody and he knows it. Beer, guns, big breasted women, toilet humor and saving the world from aliens, it would be one of them movies were you could just switch off an hour and a half and enjoy a lot of brainless carnage. Hail to the King baby!

9. Skyrim

Bethesda’s epic game could end up one epic movie. Imagine if Peter Jackson got his hands on this? It could turn out to be a huge three part epic on par with Lord of the Rings. The movie could basically take the shape of the game, even focusing on the Dragonborn’s early years right up to the game’s epic conclusion. You could fit so much into the movie too, such as the various guilds, races and colorful cast of characters. The beauty of the game would actually be brought to life and it would look amazing in 3D in my honest opinion.

8. Castlevania

They essentially did a movie version of it and called it Van Helsing, but I would love to see a new film which is like, good. The Belmont family are great characters and to see their battles with the undead & Dracula on the big screen would be pretty epic.

7. Halo

Arguably the one that everyone has wanted to see; it’s also one of the biggest game series of all time. Peter Jackson’s production company was ready to go with a movie but it just never took off for various reasons. I still think there is a huge audience out there for it so don’t count them out yet.

6. Bioshock

One of the most atmospheric and frankly bizarre games had a movie in development for a spell with Gore Verbinski ready to take the helm. It never happened as the budget was going to be around $200 Million. Considering what a visual game Bioshock is, it doesn’t surprise me that the budget was so high. Hey, it might be worth it if done well. I believe the potential R Rating also killed it.

5. Mortal Kombat

Yes, I know that Mortal Kombat already had two movies and a webseries, but we need a new Mortal Kombat movie with blood and guts! It is a very profitable franchise now that we have MK9 and MKX on the way! Plus, this way the kids can have their Pg-13 Mortal Kombat movie, and we can have our ultra-violent MK movie. This could really make a profit.. if done well!

4. Fallout 3

Another post-apocalypse thriller, in which Mike breaks free from Vault 101 when his father goes missing, only to enter a dangerous new world as he searches for his pops. This would be the story. It has the potential if done right to be a great film.

3. Call Of Duty

Personally, I want this! I dont care what this would be about (which game) , as long as it stays true to the game. Maybe zombie would probably be the one they use.

2. Grand Theft Auto

Who dosen't want to see one of the many great GTA characters on the big screen? I would honestly prefer GTA SA because, to me, it had the best story.

1. Far Cry 3

This was a biased no 1. Let's forget for a moment that Uwe Boll has already made a Far Cry film – one so meritless it does you actual physical harm – and consider the potential of Far Cry 3's narrative. A group of teens captured on a Pacific island is held at the whim of an unhinged drug lord; Jason, the protagonist, abandoning his humanity, turns to murder and witchcraft in order to save them. It's a journey to the heart of darkness. With Moon, Duncan Jones explored the ramifications of one man's descent into ostensible madness. A similarly handled treatment of Jason, together with the adroit deployment of visual flair Jones once again exhibited in Source Code, would lend enough weight to Jason's journey to propose the same awkward insights into morality that the game almost did.

Bonus: Slender

When used deftly, particularly in horror, "found footage" can be incredibly effective. Slender, Parsec's free-to-play chiller, has you wandering alone in the woods as you're stalked by the faceless, sharp-suited Slender Man. You're not armed – all you have is a torch – so if you see him, you run, or you die. Your brief glimpses of him become more and more frequent as he moves in. He toys with you. He waits. It's bowel-looseningly terrifying: no gore, just a pervasive, suffocating sense of dread. If done correctly, it could be utterly petrifying.


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