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Hey All You Beautiful People,

A few weeks ago, I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the worlds largest pop culture event in the world also known as Comic-Con in San Diego and yes I'm having geek-fest withdrawals. Well, one of the most impressive experiences of the show was the Jaeger Pilot program at the Legendary Booth. Here is a clip:

The virtual reality simulation is an Oculus VR visor and a pair of headsets that is placed on you by your operator who also gives you some minor instructions. The experience is pretty incredible with a full 360 degree visual simulation of the cockpit of a Jaeger. The simulation starts out as you are completing the neural handshake and are standing on the platform of the 250' Jaeger Gypsy Danger with all the gears working around you. Looking down you see your Jaeger Pilot suits arms and boots locked into the stepping controls with the power plant churning below. In front, your control screen and beyond that a visual through the visor of Gypsy Danger with rain coming down outside. Just as you are getting acclimated to your surroundings your co-pilot yells at you to look at him. You turn your head to the right and there he is in full Jaeger battlesuit and is shouting at you to get ready.

Just then the Kaiju Knifehead comes barreling into you as you take the blow and start a wrestling match with all the sound effects in stereo surround sound similar to any gaming experience. Just then you wail back a full on uppercut and some finishing blows as your co-pilot laughs at the mangled mess you're making of the Kaiju's face. Just as your Co-pilot is bragging about how easy the fight was, the Kaiju rips into the cockpit and grabs the co-pilot who becomes lunch. So endeth the simulation. I raised my hand and the operator helps you remove the equipment. Here is a clip from the movie in case you missed it:

The whole simulation lasts a very quick 2 minutes. Luckily like all things Comic-con, we jumped in line and got the second to last pass of the day. We actually had the last two, but the person behind us started crying so we gave him one of ours. Do you think we got a thank you? The cool thing is that you get this badge (See photo above) with your name on it stating your strike group San Diego Shatterdome 2014 and your commanding officer is PPOC Marshall Stacker Pentecost.

  I'm a Jaeger Pilot
I'm a Jaeger Pilot

If Oculus VR is the future of gaming then be prepared to escape from reality because it is a fully immersive experience. Feed your dog, make sure your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend is out of the house, and put your cellphone on vibrate because you will not be able to do anything else. Oculus VR is still a few years away before it becomes mainstream because of a few glitches like not being able to see your hands with the visor on and a lack of competitive games but it's nice to know it's right around the corner. Buh-bye monitor. Buh-bye TV.

With the announcement of [Pacific Rim 2](movie:775756) in the works with a scheduled release date of Friday, April 7th, 2017 (You can read the announcement here). Here is a clip of another special announcement by Guillermo Del Toro:

So with a animated series and movie in 2017 could there be a showdown between a Jaeger and say... Godzilla???! We shall see. If you are attending Comic-Con in the future, I'm fairly confident this simulation will be there again. You must check it out. Hit me back with your comments below.

Peace, Ai



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