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i love to write about the 5 guys you see in the background. so thats a lot of what you'll see here.
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We start with a three franchise crossover. Micheal Myers with his white mask and butcher knife inspired the other to franchises a few years later. His first movie,halloween, came out in 1978. Two years later we got a movie that told us the story of a boy that drowned at camp crystal lake because the counselors weren't watching him. So whoever tried to re-open the camp got murdered. By who? Jason? No not Jason, Jason's mother but after watching his mother get killed,it only took a year before we saw the infamous killer go to camp crystal lake. In 1984 we got another movie to feed the growing hunger from the slasher genre. Wes Craven who had his share of success in the horror genre wrote and directed a nightmare on elm street. This movie introduced us to the man of our nightmares, Freddy Kreuger. He became a pretty funny guy later in the franchise and even had a crossover against Jason that was pretty entertaining.


This would be an amazing movie in my opinion. I mean, picture a storyline imagine Leatherface getting Micheal or Jason on that table or on a slaughter hook! They are arguably the three strongest villains from the slasher genre. They all 3 have major similarities and differences. Getting them to meet would be tough but i'm sure it could be figured out.


For a while i couldn't imagine this one being a good match up. But now I think it would be a great match up. The reason why is Michael creates more fear in victims than anyone else. Freddy draws power from fear. And also Michael never retreats or dodges and so it's easy to think he has no fear. And plus if you look at the picture above it looks awesome when these two stand face-to-face.


The two big, strong dumb ones. No offense but these two tend to be referred to as the less intelligent ones. But these to have killer weapons and yes pun intended. Jason's machete and leatherface's chainsaw are two weapons that could carry the entertainment for the fight and the brutality. Along with their strength and Leatherface's nasty slaughterhouse hooks and meat tenderizer.


These two have strength, amazing health, famous mask, and the two highest body counts in the horror genre. I cant think of a better two franchise crossover period. These are the two most popular franchises in the slasher genre. There's not much more that I have to say about this one other than it would be legen-wait for it and I hope we don't have to wait much longer-dary legendary.


This one would be interesting for two reasons:

1. To see if leatherface can get scared because if anyone can,michael can. 2. To see if either one can die.

2. Because if Leatherface can somehow get Michael on one of those slaughter hooks or that table from new beginning and keep him there. Well, you see what he does to people.

And Michael is one of three people that I think could kill him (Freddy and Jason are others). But Michael is the only one that i think, through the persistence that he has like no one else does, will kill him as a sure thing - as long as he doesn't die first. With that being said I would be tremendously disappointed if neither died with the scenarios I just explained.


This one is a match up of similar weaponry. They both use knifes almost exclusively. With Michael wondering away from knifes more he still uses it often enough for it to easily be considered his signature weapon. Now Ghost Face has died in every single movie. So its clear there's a good chance that if he's not killing Sidney, there's no way he's killing Michael. But it could make for a good movie. And unlike many others, these two have an obvious way of crossing paths. Put Laurie Strode and Sidney Presscot in the same place and poof. They're fighting.


This one would almost be horror as a sub genre. This one would probably be very comedic. To be honest, I have never seen any of the Leprachaun movies. But this is one that is brought up often plus I've seen five of the Chucky movies. I'd be more excited for others but this would be funny.


which one do you want to see


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