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Films to me are more than favorites to me, they are my religion
Brian Matthew Powers

  Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies
Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies

This year so far has surprised me with almost a dozen of box-office hits (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and they are growing by the minute. Tonight going to the movies had me questioning. Something from my childhood from once long ago enjoyed watching over and over again and never grew tired of. I am a 90's kid, yes! I was raised watching Tim Burton's Batman and the famed animated series that followed (note: did not care for the revamped version, sorry, don't be haten'). The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (JDF is boyhood idle). Probably the one thing that got me in trouble the most as a kid was me and my brother fighting out like the Power Rangers vs Rita's Putties. We broke stuff and suffered major consequences. And when asked where did we get the idea to do this, we answered and I'm sure you all said this too, "we got it from watching MMPR." And mom, "NO MORE POWER RANGERS." Punishment for never watching Power Rangers again was like a hole been opened in my life because it taught me one of the key lessons of fighting or practicing martial arts do not fight in anger but fight in the line of defense. What next was another medium I loved to watch, and no matter how old I get, I lead me to loving everything from old Samurai films, Bruce Lee Kung Fu movies that followed, including my love for pizza!

Another great pastime of mine was TMNT. Both the movies from '90 to '93 and the television animated series from the late '80's. Just now I watched the newest version of the "turtles with a half shell" and what surprised me about this film it delivers well to the t.v. show we all watched as kids. I was simply blown away how more in depth the turtles in this one reflect on the origination of the television series. Donatello equipped intelligence and technology. Michelangelo's childish antics and adorably wooing April O'Neal. Leonardo's confidence of his leadership and Raphael's rebellious temper. Needless to say Megan Fox portraying as reporter April O'Neal really does make this film worth while. She is more than a growing starlet with an attractive body figure but really does make O'Neal a ballsy and strong female character. Though one guy from the audience heckling couldn't help to overhear he was only there for Megan Fox. Well of course he was! She has come farther after her stand in the Transformers franchise, and coming across good work such as This is 40 and People with Kids, both great great solid performances by her. In this one, think twice now before you say 'she's hot' and that's it, she doesn't take that kind of shit!

So did the new TMNT live up to your expectations or a load of disappointment? Grab a slice and we'll talk about it dudes.


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