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So as Series 8 of the worldwide phenomenon we all know and love 'Doctor Who' approaches, airing on August 23rd, everyone has speculations as to what kind of major story arc the Series will follow.

With Matt Smith having regenerated during the Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor, we are left with Peter Capaldi taking the role as the 2000 year old Time Lord, with a much darker tone than seen in Smith's tenure. Now as we move forward we must ask what kind of baddies will be appearing during this story and just what direction the series will go in.

During the reboot of Doctor Who starting in 2005, most season have had an overarching plotline, whether the plot was one that was very subtle (Bad Wolf) or blatantly in your face (The Doctor's Assasination in The Impossible Astronaut).

As for Series 8 we are lined up with the extremely integral plot point that Gallifrey was not destroyed during the Time War (as seen in The Day of the Doctor), being trapped in a pocket universe after the interference of the Eleventh Doctor and his other incarnations. This was followed by the The Time of the Doctor in which our beloved Time Lord saved found a crack in the universe from which the Time Lords were sending a distress signal.

Yes this crack:

  Crack in the Universe
Crack in the Universe

So if Gallifrey is now trapped in a pocket universe, having not been destroyed that would mean that during the events of The End of Time, David Tennant's finale as the Doctor, where Rassilon and the other Time Lords, including the Master, who were forced back into the Time War would still be alive.

Now it isn't confirmed that they survived their journey back, but as The End of Time showed, the Time War was on its final day when the Rassilon and the Time Lords tried to escape. And as seen in The Day of the Doctor the Time Lord and all of his incarnations rescued the world on the last day of the Time War as well, meaning that all of these events were happening simultaneously.

So that brings us to this man: The Master

The Master, meant to be the Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes, was seen to have not been fully revived during the events of The End of Time, meaning that either he was due to regenerate once he had regained his energy, or that he was simply on the verge of death. However, in his final act, he forced the Time Lords back into the Time War, preventing them from committing tragic crimes of war.

So the Master, a very well-received character and villain, is gone, his fate left hanging in the balance. After being gone for all of Smith's tenure, many talks had come about of Simm returning to play the Master, but this never came to fruition. However as we are now aware that the Time Lords have survived and the Doctor is searching for Gallifrey it brings us to this woman:


  Michelle Gomez as Missy
Michelle Gomez as Missy

Now, Missy is a character that is known little about, other than that she features in the leaked script and is referred to as Guardian of the Nethersphere. She is a Mary Poppins inspired character who we do know refers to the Doctor as her 'boyfriend' and questions his very morality. Something odd for a villain who has had no interaction with him in any prior episodes, especially to be so particularly interested in his actions.

My speculation is simple here.

The Master, when feminized, becomes Mistress. And a shortened term for Mistress could most certainly be Missy. So could this 'Guardian of the Nethersphere potentially be the Time Lord regenerated and having somehow left the pocket universe?

Most speculation also derives from the fact that there were heavy pushes for the Doctor to regenerate into a woman during his last regeneration. Of course that didn't happen as we now have Capaldi. But, what if the audience were to get a Time Lord who regenerated into the opposite sex? Could Missy be the Master? Or could this all just be a completely misguided speculation? Regardless of the facts, Series 8 is going to be one hell of a ride!


Could Missy Be The Master Regenerated?


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