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Batman is the most popular hero in the world. Not only that, he is DC's only sure bet right now. The Dark Knight Trilogy was awesome, he has the best comic book story-lines, his animated movies rock Yadda Yadda...

While the Caped Crusader is awesome, some Man of Steel fans were disappointed that they were not getting a solo Superman sequel right away and instead Batman is being shoehorned in to this movie. [ Not me, I love Batman!] There is prevalent theory among some DC fans that DCCU is increasingly becoming Batman oriented.

While some nerds rant and rave on various forums, some clever ones make memes out of it for the whole internet to enjoy!

Now there are 9 untitled DC movies. Chances are few of them will be MOS 2, Wonder Woman, Justice League etc. But in absence of any formal announcement we can have fun with this hilarious, alternate slate.

  Batman v Everyone else : batman wins !
Batman v Everyone else : batman wins !

This makes six. The rest three could be a) Batman v Justice League: Dawn of the Planet of the Bats b) Batman v Green Arrow: No Movie-TV cross-over c) Batman v Darkseid : Rise of the dawn of the justice league in to the fall of the darkness!


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