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This is my first post so i hope you enjoy reading it.

What We Know/ What Will Happen

• The Arrow will develop into a full-fledged hero by the midpoint of the season.

• Lots of awesome action scenes (no brainier)

• Malcolm Merlyn is back to wreak havoc, as Malcolm Merlyn but even more so as the Dark Archer

• Thea Merlyn

• Roy Harper arc as he becomes Arsenal, through story line or flashbacks (depends on how far they are going since the end of season 2)

• Rash Al Ghul introduced inside the first half of the season and not just a voice an actor will be seen so we know who is playing the DC Comics Legend

• Olicity

• Ray Palmer soon to be The Atom (This Season Is The Question)

• Island flashbacks to be replaced by Hong Kong flashbacks (no brainier)

• The real Black Canary (Laurel Lance)…..eventually

• Roy finds out that he killed a man when he was on mirakuru.

• Detective Lance will get closer to the Arrow (making the relationship exactly like Gordon and Batman, it’s almost there now) after Laurel becomes Black Canary after being first mad at him, for taking another daughter blaming him for Sara’s defection back to The League.

• Amanda Waller will get more involved with The Arrow and his team. In good and bad ways.

• Diggle and Lila are going to go through a lot, before and after she gives birth.

• Count Vertigo (Except a new actor {Peter Stormare who is going to have a go at the DC Comics character this time around} can’t wait to see how they work this in the first episode as it is rumored. Least this guy looks more like Count Vertigo than the one played by Seth Gabel, thank god Oliver took him down).

What Should Happen

• Oliver flashbacks to his mother’s death and his mistakes of the past (in particular last season)

• An Arc focusing on Felicity Smoak and her past as we don’t know much besides the fact that she went to MIT. Will be centered around Las Vegas and her mother (to be played by NYPD Blue actress Charlotte Ross)

• Oliver seeing the letter Thea left Roy and reacting to it, and calming down a very angry as per usual Roy Harper with no regard for his own feelings

• Introduction of more villains out of many rogues gallery that have never been recognized (Such as Brick, Onomatopoeia and possibly the Rainbow Archer (I know very unlikely)

• Sara Lance and her best girlfriend forever will return with their assassins and do jobs in starling on Rash’s authority

• A Fight between Roy and Thea with their respective weapons.

• Laurel and Oliver will share more intimate scenes together

• Much more of the Suicide Squad

• Thea Merlyn becomes a dangerous ruthless assassin.

What Could Happen

• The intro will be changed

• STAR CITY (See Trailer From San Diego Comic Con)

• More teases about Oliver’s Son….. (Connor Hawke?)

• The introduction of H.I.V.E after the Deadshot teases this earlier in the show, we get them in more detail including Queen Bee (This is more suited to the Fantasy section but this could very well happen)

• Another villain sent to the “Super Max” prison on the island (By Argus, so we can’t see Slade of course)

Fantasy Section

• Nightwing (highly unlikely due to Movie issues)

• Sara Lance is brainwashed and fights Team Arrow

• Malcolm trains Thea into a dangerous assassin. He trains her to be as ruthless as him and to wear her mask and never reveal her identity. This results in a fight between her and Roy shortly till she defeats him, shooting an arrow at him aimed to kill but Oliver shoots his own arrow smacking it out of its path. Leading to their fight, until Oliver defeats this mysterious archer and unmasking her and he can’t finish her because it’s his sister. (You can imagine the rest from here)

• Harley Quinn

• A very quick hard to see jab at Geoff Johns for screwing over the DC Universe and blowing a great opportunity in my opinion (Simply his name graffitied over on a wall for a 1-2 second period hard to see but you know it’s there, they probably can’t do this due to issues with companies etc. But they mentioned Super Max so you never know.)

• The untapped hero The Question being introduced and possibly helping Oliver dig up clues to help him find out his sisters location somewhere in episodes 8-15

• I mentioned untapped villains but I fell introducing a Batman villain isn't far out of the question due to Harley Quinn being teased. A character like Anarky who is relatively unknown in the DC Universe. Maybe even a crime lord something we have yet to see someone like Black Mask or Rupert Thorne who would mention he was run out of Gotham by the Gotham vigilante before being hit by Arrow or one of his sidekicks to prevent us from hearing the name batman.

Arrow Flash Crossover Episode

I've left a section for this because the possibilities are endless and would just like to say a few things and explain that I can’t wait for this episode it is going to be AWESOME.

• Villain: Mirror Master (may be a bit early for him) or something with a League of Assassins feels about it. Maybe even Malcolm Merlyn I’m unsure on how they would work this exactly but it could be done quite easily.

• It should be focused on The Arrow and Flash and limit the likes of Arsenal, Diggle, and the Flash characters. But they should be included just not so much that it disturbs the plot of the crossover episode.

• Teasing the Felicity and Barry relationship that we all know won’t happen…but that doesn't matter. Same with Oliver and Felicity it sounds nice but seriously never going to happen in a full context anyway.

• Off topic slightly in future crossover episodes because there will be more over time. I would really like to see once Reverse Flash is introduced into the Flash Tv Series. The Arrow gets involved after Barry requests his help. And in a different scenario Rash, Slade, Merlyn anyone for Oliver to ask Barry for his help to defeat one of these powerhouse villains would be fantastic viewing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will read my future posts.


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