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Here we go again! These just keep on coming :)

Fresh rumors have emerged regarding the script of Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. Hybrid Network claim to have a reliable inside source in the production team of the movie. The source apparently showed them legit evidence to back up his claims. Now Hybrid Network generally does not post stuff for the sake of it and they are careful with their videos. They have assured that if you contact them they will name their source.

Possible heavy Batman vs Superman spoilers from here on!

Without further ado, I'll start with some bullet points:

1) The basic plot structure is exactly like The Dark Knight Returns (TDKR)

2) Superman will be a government tool just like in the TDKR. But here he is working for the government & Luthor to atone for all the destruction that happened in [Man of Steel](movie:15593).

3) Superman feels immense guilt over the events of Man of Steel and the movie deals with him trying to make up for it in any way possible. This film will be kind of part 2 of his origin story.

4) Batman is a secluded figure. Robin did die at some point during Bruce's career causing him to hang up the cape. Bruce Wayne's age will be around late 40's to early 50's in this film. We don't get much of his back story in this film.

5) Alfred and Bruce have very few scenes and just like TDKR he dissuades him from fighting Superman

6) Jim Gordon is in this film. Bruce Wayne and Gordon have a dinner scene just like in TDKR

7) Wonder Woman comes to Metropolis after the events of Man of Steel because she feels Superman could be one of the lost Gods of her people. She doesn't get too many action scenes but she is involved in the final fight in some capacity.There is a thread which can further lead to 4th world, Darkseid etc.

8) Aquaman is in this movie. Arthur Curry is a marine biologist that Superman encounters sometime during the film.

9) Hal Jordan is name dropped in this movie by Amanda Waller who will be working with Mercy Graves and Lex Luthor

10) Lex Luthor will be a young guy in this film. He will lose his hair due to cancer. He will be manipulating Superman. Kryptonite is in this movie

11) Batman vs Superman fight will be the climax of this film and not in the middle as some fans were hoping. Batman beats Superman. Superman holds back in the fight because he knows Batman is correct ideologically

12) Batman teaches Superman that being a government stooge is wrong. Pa Kent's quote is used "You have to decide what kinda man you wanna be" by either one of them at some point of the fight. Superman wants to lose this fight so that the government thinks Superman can be beaten and that he is not an unbeatable God

13) Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman will be the main characters in this film and after Batman vs Superman fight they team up to form the Justice League.

I find this stuff interesting! If these plot points are true then it will deal effectively with the ending of Man of Steel. TDKR is one of the best comic book story-lines ever and Snyder will be wise to stick to it. And Batman is just bad ass here!

What do you guys think about these rumors? Put in your thoughts down below. And for entire video click on the below link!

Source: Hybrid Network


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