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The Suicide Squad members have become some of my favorites on DC properties on television. On Smallville they were great and I am really liking them on Arrow. I did not have a lot of knowledge on where they fit, so I did some research. What's great is they have be used as allies or enemies. I was going to just say who should join the Suicide Squad on Arrow, but then I saw Plastique and Killer Frost were members of the Suicide Squad. What if the group had a presence of both shows, giving them a bigger role in the universe without crowding Arrow with new characters. Plus Mark Shaw, known as Manhunter, is coming to [Arrow](series:720988) Season 3 and was part of the Suicide Squad at one point as well...just sayin'. With the Clock King heading to Flash we know having the members going between the two shows is a viable option. Before I start Harley Quinn needing to be involved is a given. My list is of new characters.

Who Should Join?

Rick Flag/Rick Flag Jr.

First of all his character on Smallville was great. Secondly and most important in my opinion Amanda Waller needs some competition. I am happy Cynthia Addai-Robinson is coming back for Season 3, but Waller has been doing whatever she wants since joining in Season 2. No one seems to intimidate her, so maybe Flag could come in and put Waller on her toes. Maybe he wants to take the Suicide Squad from her?

Captain Boomerang

This guy does sound a little ridiculous in theory, but he would be a cool opponent for Arrow. Oliver's arrows against this guy's tricked out boomerangs. Not the biggest characters in the Suicide Squad, but one of the people who could fill out the ranks.

Black Orchid

Her super powers are generic (super strength, flight, etc.), but it is use of disguises that would make her a cool villain or either Flash or Arrow. Team Arrow hunting her as she slips by them one by one. Flash running around town looking for her as she switches from disguise to disguise. Plus there have not be many female villains on Arrow, but all of them have been great.


I always like this character because he was different from most of the people in the Suicide Squad. Most of the members are criminals, but Nemesis was a guy who felt he had a debt to pay. He could be the number 2 to Waller, or hopefully Rick Flag.


A metahuman using her new powers of electricity on Flash? The first bad guy Laurel thinks she can take on her own? Either way she could make a very interesting adversary who could also join the ranks of The Suicide Squad. Plus like Black Orchid (finger crossed about Harley Quinn though) this could add a female presence to the team of mercenaries.


I like villains that are geniuses on Arrow. It gives Felicity a place to shine like she did with the Clock King. Using her intelligence to help the team is one of my favorite things about Felicity and Thinker is a character who could challenge Felicity.


I really do not know why I like this character so much, but I do. When I found him on a list of members of the Suicide Squad it was a no brainer. I think he could be a cool character to go up against Barry Allen. I know meta humans will be the focus of the show, but I like the idea of someone without powers giving the new hero a run for his money.


The idea of using ropes as a weapon seems interesting. Using ropes to take down Team Arrow one of a time until The Arrow takes him on. Or tripping Flash as he tries to use his power to take down this bad guy. Also his background as a trained assassins makes him a good addition to the team at ARGUS.


Saving my favorite choice on the list for last. A read an article about her place in the DC Cinematic Universe, but I think this is a great character for TV. Then I saw her name on the list of Suicide Squad members and I thought of writing this piece. Vixen could be someone Waller forces onto The Suicide Squad by holding something over her. When Diggle gets her as part of the Squad he finds out what Waller did and gets her out. She can then be an ally for both Flash and Team Arrow. I think for the sake of team ups and the eventually season finale wars these types of shows seem to have there should be a roster of rotating heroes and villains. Vixen has a cool story for an arc and then could be a recurring helping hand to both heroes. Thinking down the line...a cool addition to Bird of Prey-like episodes.

I am sure there are a lot of other members people can think of, so drop those names in the comments. This is not a list of my top choices, just some examples to show this could work on both shows. Let me know what you think below.


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