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Just when we thought Summer may be over and the box office was down, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (shell) shocks us all!! Hitting a big #1 as it overshoots all estimations with a nice 65 million for its debut. Still going strong but dipping to the #2 spot is "Guardians of the Galaxy" with an extra 41.5 mil as it makes it way to the 200 mil cume mark. New at #3 is "Into the Storm" and some last minute adjustments brought its estimation way down ... I am not sure where those initial numbers came from but it only hit 18 mil for the weekend. Also new at #4 is "The Hundred-Foot Journey" which hit well within expectations at 11.1 mil. Rounding off the top 5 is "Lucy" earning another 9.3 mil as it is so close to 100 mil cume and should hit that by the end of this coming week.

New movies that did not make the top 5:
Just one this week as the "Step Up All In" franchise comes in at #6 with 6.6 mil, a bit below expectations but it was a busy weekend otherwise!

New movies next week:
Three wide releases coming up ... first up is "The Expendables 3" which I sort of tuned out after the first one. Over-budgeted action film toward the very end of Summer should say something, expect this to be in the high teens to low 20's. Next up is the comedy "Let's Be Cops" which doesn't stand out too much unlike previous end of Summer comedies, should be in the mid teen range to open. Last up is "The Giver" which looks like another possible award contender and could be an end of Summer surprise hit.

*numbers sourced by Box Office Analyst


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