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In the 1970's, Japan released a popular manga/anime, created by Go Nagai, known as Mazinger Z. The plot details a gigantic robot that is made out of a very special metallic alloy that is built as a weapon against the forces of evil. It was also piloted by a teenage boy, so it is considered to be of the Super Robot category.

However, a lack of animes and mangas happened in South Korea because of a government-instituted ban on all Japanese media (due to Japan attacking South Korea during World War II). For this reason, filmmakers Kim Cheong-gi and Yu Hyun-mok created the Korean counterpart to Mazinger Z, known as Robot Taekwon V. The movie was released in 1976. The plot is very much like Mazinger Z, and it goes like this:

An evil scientist named Dr. Kaff assembles an army of robots designed for kidnapping world-class athletes and conquering the world. Dr. Kim, who soon realizes this danger, builts a robot named "Robot Taekwon V". V was piloted by Dr. Kim's eldest son Kim Hoon, who was a popular taekwon-do champion. Hoon can operate the robot by using mechanical means, or, more powerfully, using his physical power by using his taekwon-do skills.

Robot Taekwon V became a ground-breaking success in South Korea, and was considered to be the best-known Korean anime. The film was released in the United States in an English dub, released under the title Voltar the Invincible. It had spawned a number of sequels, including the highly-popular Super Taekwon V, which was also based off of Mobile Suit Gundam and Combat Mecha Xabungle. Robot Taekwon V was also the first South Korean film to receive a full digital restoration treatment, done so in 2005.

Note that in 1983, Kim Cheong-gi, who directed Robot Taekwon V, had directed the notorious Space Gundam V, an anime that is not related to Mobile Suit Gundam, but was infamous for ripping off Macross-related designs (please see the article I wrote about it).


As a personal question, if you think the robot should fuse with a character, who would you think would go best?


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