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In 1982, Disney released the mega-famous science fiction classic known as TRON. In 1983, however, a South Korean film studio known as Namyang Planning released their own version of the film, an anime entitled, when roughly translated from Korean to English, Computer Nuclear Warship Bombing Operation. Similar to TRON, the movie is centered around an average video game nerd named Kieth who is sucked into cyberspace by an evil scientist, where he is forced to play video games in order to survive and save the Earth from destruction. The film is better known as "Korean TRON" because of its super-obvious TRON similarities, such as the luminated body armor, the similar vehicles, the identity discs, a character that looks like SARK, and a cameo appearance from video game favorite Pac-Man.

The film was released in the United States by Joseph Lai in an English dub, given the title Savior of the Earth. It was one of the few South Korean animes to do so, similar to how South Korea's mega-smash hit Robot Taekwon V was given an English dub in the United States, under the title Voltar the Invincible.


If you could choose any cartoon to cross this over with (in the form of a fanfiction), what would you choose?


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