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So lets assume that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is truly playing Black Adam in the rumored yet to be officially announced Warner Brothers film 'Shazam!" which may also be releasing in 2016 or 2017. If so then who would play the title hero Captain Marvel?

I am sure polls will be taken and fan casting elimination brackets are coming but I'm going to skip that and just put one name out there ; Tom Welling!

  Tom Welling
Tom Welling

Best known for his ten season portrayal of a young Clark Kent in TV's "Smallville", Welling needs no further introduction to most readers of this site. While he never attempted or was asked to bulk up like Henry Cavill did for "Man of Steel" at 6'4" he is the same height as Ben Affleck "Batman" and similar to The Rock. A few months physical training and he could fit right into the DCCU. The role of Captain Marvel though requires an ability to channel a young boy (Billy Batson) in the body of a demi god and that will require some acting chops. I feel that Welling has shown his range adequately in his career.

The fact that Billy Batson/Captain Marvel looks up to Superman would make for an interesting interaction between Welling and Cavill onscreen and give the fans a great easter egg. It would also be a nod to the early rivalry between Fawcett publications and DC comics over the two heroes which resulted in lawsuits and eventually DC acquiring the Shazam character.

Brandon Routh would have also been a good choice for the role but he has been cast as Ray Palmer (The Atom) on the CW show "The Flash" however, seeing how they gave him that nod I don't think the Welling casting is out of the question.

While I am on the subject of Captain Marvel, lets talk about Marvel's version: Carol Danvers!

  Marvel Comics current Captain Marvel.
Marvel Comics current Captain Marvel.

Many names are being thrown out for the role of Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel currently calling herself Captain Marvel. Joss Whedon has hinted that a female led superhero film was in the plans at Marvel/Disney and though Scarlet Johansen's "Black Widow" character is well known and very popular right now my money is on Carol. The success of "Guardians of the Galaxy" has made it clear that the cosmic side of the MCU is going to be thoroughly explored and Carol straddles the line between both space and earth stories better than any hero Marvel has . Nova is very close but his space cop duties take him off earth most of the time, and he is obviously not female. With Wonder Woman set to debut over at the Distinguished Competition soon Carol has to be on the fast track, so who to play her? My choice?...Elizabeth Banks!

  Ms. Elizabeth Banks
Ms. Elizabeth Banks

Banks is an actress on the verge. She does roam mostly in the comedic realm, but she has proven she can hold her own in thrillers like "The Next Three Days", franchises like "The Hunger Games" and even as a lead in "Walk of Shame". Cast as Betty Brant in Sam Raimi's "Spider Man" trilogy she she has some geek cred too. I doubt anyone would criticize her physique like was done to Gal Gadot when she was cast as Wonder Woman for 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and even so once she hit that gym (ala Chris Pratt) she would be transformed.


Can you see Tom Welling and Elizabeth Banks as competing Captain Marvels?

I won't get into casting choices for other roles like: Mary Batson/Mary Marvel, Captian Marvel Jr., Dr Sivana, the Kree Captain Marvell, Rick Jones etc. because thats what the internet is for.


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