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The most recent historical film to hit theaters is Get On Up. The movie follows James Brown's legacy and where he started. With many flashbacks during the film, and a little of breaking the fourth wall, this movie rocked the house. Chadwick Boseman, returns for yet another true historical film. Known for and portraying Jackie Robinson. He brings Brown to life in this picture and does it very well. Chadwick did a great job with the dance moves and the voice of Brown. looks almost like a twin when put next to James Brown.

With a fantastic cast and great characters to listen too and grow with, its a great film. You felt like you were standing there listening and watching every performance. With the rise of a king, there has to be some conflicts and they show that really well. being arrested three two times in the film, we see how he rises to the top and slowly falls off the peak. We see Brown grow in front of us, and how the band changes throughout the years. Its truly remarkable how well this film was made. Tate Taylor gets a big round of applause for this film from me. You feel the soul and rhythm in the music and songs and Chadwick does a beautiful job. get casting choice there as well. With many jumps from the plot to other flashback and previous scenes that needed to be closed, which made the film a little confusing.

With the history of James Brown at the end of the film, the viewers get a little bit more history of Brown. The films shows he traveled and toured on his own, when he got older. The film really shows the viewers how the fame got to his head and want to be on top and wanted no competition. With little appearances of Little Richard, which was before he got his fair share of fame, and the Rolling Stones, before they became the big hit they are today. With Mick Jagger producing the film, we get the insight of his history with James Brown. While preforming in the 60's, both Brown and The Rolling Stones grew to the legends they are. Jagger became acquaintances with Brown. Jagger told Huffington Post last month that he was a fan for decades and copied moves from Brown, he was a big influence for Jagger.

I recommend the film to anyone that enjoys biopics and just a fun movie. if you haven't seen the film yet go see it. If you have, what did you think of it? Comment below!

Here is the link to the article and interview with Mick Jagger with Huffington Post about the film.


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