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This was my second most anticipated movie of the year. The first was Godzilla and now we have Guardians of the Galaxy. I am very late with this review, I apologize. I originally intended to give you all a video review but youtube has been acting strange with videos so I didn't upload it. I watched the film on the sixth of this month and my thoughts are...?

THIS IS MY FAVORITE MARVEL MOVIE EVER MADE! Yep I enjoyed this movie more than Captain America the Winter Soldier, more than the Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, all those films. This was the best. The best way I can describe this is, you know how people think fondly of Star Wars from their childhood after they saw it? That's what Guardians of the Galaxy is for me, it is MY Star Wars. Twenty years from now, I'll think back and remember Guardians of the Galaxy as a nostalgic classic.

Let's start with the characters such as

Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord

What I like most about this movie is that we don't get origin stories about every Guardian. The only one we get a backstory for is Peter Quill, and that's not bad at all because all the characters are written so well that we get enough knowledge about them so we can get behind them. As for the one character we get a backstory for, it is done perfectly. Not going to lie, it had be tearing up within the first three minutes of the movie. Peter Quill is the most underdog-like character in the group, he's not as dumb as they make him out to be in the trailers but he is awesome and very funny. The opening scene with him dancing through the temple had me cracking up. He's a great main character, Chris Pratt was the perfect choice for him and at this point I can't picture any other actor doing the role.

Drax the Destroyer

Now I was one of the few people thinking that Drax was going to be the least favorite of the Guardians but boy was I wrong. Drax is hilarious, awesome, and a great character to get behind. Again we don't get a bunch of flashbacks or origin with him, no, we get him explaining his hatred for the villain and it's enough. It takes about thirty seconds and that's all we need. Dave Bautista's performance had me roaring with laughter. Some of the best jokes in the movie come from him.


Now out of all the Guardians, I'd say she was the least developed. Don't confuse this for me saying that she's bad, no I'm not saying that at all. She was a great character, very funny, and had a lot of heart. But she was the least developed of the entire team. She had a great chemistry with Chris Pratt, she's downright gorgeous (part of me thinks she's sexier when green ;) ), she provided some good action, and her relationship with the villainess Nebula was pretty cool.


First off, the CGI on this character is top notch. I mean I thought the CGI of Man of Steel was the best but this is even better! There was not one time I thought, "That's just a CGI creation." No that entire time I thought, "That's a talking raccoon with a machine gun walking around." Funny how Marvel can make a movie featuring a talking raccoon but it took DC this long just to feature Wonder Woman in a movie. Rocket was a great character overall, again you don't get an entire origin story for him but you do get a few fifteen to sixty second scenes that really get you to feel sorry for the character and understand why he acts the way he does. He's a complete bad-ass as well. The scene in the trailer where he gets a gun and says, "Oh....yyyeah." Is ten times more awesome in the movie. One moment with him and another character that I'll ge too in a bit nearly got me to start bawling in theater. Most people I see talk about this film, they say this character stole the show and if they think so then good for them because he was great. To me a different character stole the show and that character is....


I Love Groot......I should just leave it at that but I do need to go into detail. Now I know why James Gunn referred to the Iron Giant for the casting Vin diesel as the word's most adorable yet completely bad-ass alien named Groot. If you want a character who has some of the best action, will make you laugh, make you smile, make you cry, and will make you fall in love with him. Groot is the character for you.

This is a slight spoiler but I needed to comment on this. If Groot really was dead, I would have ranted big time on here. Hahaha.

I Am Groot. You will want to say it all the time when the movie is over. There is that same scene is the prison where Rocket gets the gun, well not before that Groot gets angry and sprouts the spikes on his back before yelling "I Am Groot!" In the most epic of ways. I cheered there and rightfully so. I can't wait to get a Groot statue for my desk or a Groot t-shirt.

Ronan the Accuser

Ronan was exactly the villain I was looking for. I love Loki as much as the next guy but I've been wanting a new Darth Vader type character who's relentless, evil, and power hungry. First off I don't even recognize Lee Pace in the makeup, he looked so much like Ronan that I didn't see an actor playing a character, I just saw Ronan. He provided some good action, the fight against him isn't as awesome I'd hoped but it was enough that it was satisfying. How they beat Ronan is one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Korath and Nebula didn't have large parts in the film but they were good minions to the main villain. The best of the two was Nebula, Karen Gillan did a great job seeming like the cold hearted killer and there are a few times you want to reach through the screen and rip her little cybernetic head off. Like I said, I enjoyed her relationship with Gamora, it was a great rivalry that actually resembles the relationship between Thor and Loki except Gamora is more of an anti-hero. Korath was good as well, Djimon Hounsou provided mostly good action and when he does provide a comedic moment once and a while he is good.

The rest of the side character is the film were great from Yondu, Corpsman Dey, and Nova Prime. All of them were acted well and they all looked great. Surprisingly Corpsmen Dey and Saul both had an arc in the film that I really got into and it got me to smile.

The film had a perfect pace, nothing ever felt slow or too rushed. Nothing felt cliche and boring. Every time I thought to myself, "Oh it's this old schtick again, eh Hollywood?" The movie would do a 90 degree turn and surprise me.

The soundtrack....oh god the soundtrack. I wouldn't consider myself a hipster because I do dress and act like it's the 21st century but I am definitely a hipster when it comes to the music I like. I love old music so this movie was perfect for me from Hooked on a Feeling, Spirit in the Sky, and Come and Get Your Love. By the way, the scene featuring Come and Get Your Love is one of my other favorite scenes. I can't wait to get both a CD and the vinyl record of the soundtrack. Awesome Mix Vol. 1 FTW!

If you are tired of the main and many superheroes and are looking for something new and fresh then Guardians of the Galaxy is your film of the year, it certainly was for me. It was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. This movie gets my rating of a High Platinum which is my equivalent to a 10/10. Did I like this movie more than Man of Steel? Surprisingly yes. Did I like it more than Godzilla? Oh...boy that's a tough one. I'll have to wait until I do my Top 5 of 2014.

A while back I did a trailer mash up between Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers which you can check out HERE!

What are your thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy, if you haven't seen it yet I have to ask...why? Tell me your thoughts on Marvel's newest and biggest achievement sine the Avengers in the comments below!


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