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Sandra Burt

THIS MOVIE WAS HANDS DOWN THE BEST MARVEL MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! I will admit that I had no idea what this movie was going to be about or what everyone was so obsessed with (don't kill me). But when I did finally see it, I could understand what all the big fuss was about. The cast was perfect! I never thought that I would say that Bradley Cooper would be a great Marvel movie character but, he proved me wrong with the excellent voice of "Rocket". And the voice of "Groot" by Vin Diesel wasn't bad but between you and I there was a reason his only lines were "I am Groot!". Also the script in this movie was fantastic! It was funny, dramatic, and spontaneous all at the same time. The movie even included parts from other Marvel movies which was a great way to tie in everyone together. Even the music for the movie was spot on! The action was great but it didn't make up the whole movie but at the same time there was excellent amounts of dialogue. It was the perfect mix between the two. The graphics in the movie were also very detailed and all of the scenery in the movie looked real! I would defiantly recommended going to see this movie!


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