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Daniel Rodriguez

The last episode aired of [The Leftovers](series:862415) (08/10) added even more mystery to the dramatic tv series with the scape of Mr. Garvey's father from the mental institution and the introduction of another pregnant lady by Wayne. However, a few hints were thrown during this episode that might hold some clue of what happened with the Departed.

Kevin Garvey Sr. tried hard to convince his son to read a very particular edition of the National Geographic Magazine, which date to 1972. A quick search on the internet revealed the magazine as the following one, from May of that same year:

The main subject of that edition is Yellowstone Park, which can be read in the brief moments the cover is on screen. However, paying a little bit more attention a few things caught my attention. The first one was "The Riddle of the Minoans", which allegedly is a civilization that got completely wiped from earth from an unknown reason. The second point is the line before "The Spider That Lives Underwater", which is something said by Christine in her dream, making this not just a conjecture but something very palpable. How is this going to connect with the whole plot, the question remains...


Does the writting on the cover mean anything?


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