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What makes a superhero movie work well on audiences?

The cast, the plot, the direction, the music but the most important, vision and style.

I always had great ideas to share with my friends, ideas that make everything different from the others.

I think, Hollywood doesn't have yet an EPIC superhero movie, and when I'm talking EPIC, I'm talking big fights, big scenarios, dramatic moments, music, death of a hero, and the best way to portrait a character, these are my points of how to conceive a EPIC movie.

With the Justice League movie set to release in near future, they need to get things done correctly, Snyder has Vision and Style but lacks "Epicness".

Also, music helps crafting the best moment to guide you to big moments, do you remember watching a particular scene and listening the music in background and you start getting chills? That's my point.

That's your brain telling you the music and what you are watching are touching you, it moves you.

These are small moments you can experience in superhero movies, because music makes everything better.

Hans Zimmer is set to compose Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but in my opinion, I hope to see a different take on Justice League, because we are leading with more characters and different big moments.

Hans Zimmer crafting Batman vs. Superman Soundtrack
Hans Zimmer crafting Batman vs. Superman Soundtrack

I would like to share with you some of my ideas to what Justice League could be in some action scenes, I also will share with you some of my music selection.

I recommend you to read while listening this examples.

When the first music finishes, start playing the second one.
Try the third one :)

Enjoy reading while listening.

"....In another scene somewhere in the last part of the first movie, JL fight Doomsday hardly in a city half abandoned and destroyed due Doomsday's rage.

The exact location is nearest the beach where then Brainiac arrives.

So, Superman is fighting Doomsday very hardly, he becomes to feel tired because the strength of the beast and the absence of the sun (weather's very cloudy).

But Doomsday's goal is to kill superman and also destroy the rest of the humanity, he also tries to strike superman against the buildings to weak him and further kill the rest of the humanity.

But superman avoids at all costs is smart moves.

By weakening him, superman is unable to fight more, Doomsday raises superman with his beastly hand around his neck and the other in his face, preparing to smash is face.

As Superman peeks with his eyes, he sees the sadness and fear of the humans, he sees that if he dies, the world will see him as a symbol, but he knows that he can't fight, he cries.

But when Doomsday is going to make the final strike, they are interrupted by one big spaceship coming from the clouds, Doomsday looks, and Aquaman strikes him with his trident, he tries to defend superman against Doomsday's death strikes.

Wonder Woman goes to the exact location where the spaceship is.

Brainiac attacks her with his plasma cannons, and wonder woman defends herself with her bracelets.

She then blows the cannon with his fist, and Batman warns her to not destroy the cannons because they might get useful sometime.

She strikes the ground section of the ship and gets repulsed by his shield, Batman already landed on the up side of the ship, gives an order to the batwing to catch WW (Batman somewhere on the movie introduce a tracker on every teammate to know the exact location, so that is easy to the batwing).

He uses a small EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) to deactivate the shield around the ship.

He uses a small burst of explosives to enter.

As WW is falling, the Batwing catches her in the mid ar, he's heading to the beach, but WW awakes, heavily injured and bleeding, she realize that superman must be protected at all costs, she also says "The world is not ready" and when batwing lands she heads to superman, she takes him out and places him in the batwing and asks to batman to take him to the sun, he introduces the coordinates and sends the batwing, then WW, Aquaman and the Flash fights Doomdsay and prevents him to reach superman in air, she throws her lasso to his neck, and the 3 tries to stop his brute force, the flash uses his speed to fight him, but Doomsday catch him and breaks is face, Aquaman and WW can't handle his force, and he breaks her lasso, they get choked.

Brainiac uses his plasma cannons and aims to the JL, he fires.

Green Lantern in the Beach screams, "INCOMING" and creates a big shield.

Batman then, faces a large room, the command room, he heads to the large computer to deactivate the ship, but Brainiac appears, and Batman says:

- I'm not surprised, Brainiac, this is a DOD 264bit Encryption, easy to hack, I though you were more clever.


- Not so easy Batman, you are trapped and I'm going to enjoy watching you fighting.

- Don't get me wrong Brainiac, but they say the best weapon is never fired.

- And which weapon is that?

- Me.

Batman fires is EMP and runs for the same hole he entered.

He runs because Superman warned him that he was coming and he was going to destroy the ship where Brainiac was.

He warns the rest of the team to get out of his way, and asks to green lantern to create a shield around Doomsday.

WW takes the Flash away and Aquaman leaves Doosday.

Superman at high speed, strikes the ship in one single shot, like a bullet and heads at maximum speed to Doomsday, GL starts to create the shield around the beast, and closes when superman enters, Superman strikes him to the ground blowing the whole place.

He punches him with his rage and knocks him out, presumably dead.

The shield is fading, Batman lands nearest Superman, he tells him, "Its over Clark"

And once again the JL made it, they saved the world, and they started to believe that they are more than a team, they are Hope to the world.

The End"


Which music helped you creating the EPIC moment?


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