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Star Wars fans have been waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the J.J Abrams directed Star Wars Episode VII, set to be released in December next year.

The excitement stepped up a gear with the announcement of two further films, to be directed by Looper's Rian Johnson.

Abrams has followed the example of series creator George Lucas by casting unknown actors in starring roles.

One of these has been confirmed as Daisy Ridley, a 21 year-old Brit actress and model, whose previous credits include...well...not much else.

All that is about to change, however, as Ridley has signed on to be in Episodes VIII and IX, certainly implying that her part will be a pivotal one.

Ridley is part of what is shaping up to be a pretty cool cast, including Max Von Sydow, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and Lupita Nyong'o. Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford reprise their roles in the film, which takes place 30 years after the last.

Episodes 8 and 9 are slated for release in 2017 and 2019, respectively. And as all this indicates, they're going to be incredible.

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