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The world of The Walking Dead is not a particularly pleasant place to live, what with all the killing and violence and sweating, but according to showrunner Scott M. Gimple, things are about to get a whole lot worse in Season 5:

I would say from more of a thematic place, things are going to get extremely brutal and life is going to get that much more difficult for these characters, but they are together, so they have more support. They have each other to lean on and they’re going to need to lean on each other quite a bit.

But out of darkness cometh light, and in between all this brutality and violence, love and romance will blossom:

Love or romance is going to be an element this season. It’s not going to be an element in a huge part of the season, but as we get towards a specific part of the season, it’s going to become more of a reality and a complication. Human nature, all the good and bad parts, are things that both complement and compromise survival. Love is part of that.

Interesting choice of words. "Specific part of the season" and "complication" suggest to me that instead of a love story developing over a period of time, something big, and "complicated", is going to happen at certain point. My first thought? A pregnancy.

It wouldn't surprise me if Maggie gets pregnant in Season 5, which would certainly complicate things for her and Glenn. Babies are tough work at the best of times, but in a zombie apocalypse? Forget about it.

I might be wrong though and Gimple is in fact talking about a relationship blossoming between characters. If so, let me know who you think that could be in the comments below.


Is having a baby a smart idea in a zombie apocalypse?

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